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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An explanation of the Madame Morgan Universe

Now with the Danyelle story done starting tomorrow I'm going to switch gears and start to post my other Madame Morgan story this one is kind of a sequel to the Danyelle story but it showcases the other side of the coin and deals with someone who doesn't want to be changed, but is being changed as a punishment.

In the Madame Morgan universe there are two types of potions that cause the changes the strawberry and the cherry. Guys that are given the strawberry potion are usually minor offenders against women (sort of like a misdemeanor) for instance a cheater or a guy that is kind of a pig towards women. They are forced to work at Madame Morgan's bar, Legend. Guys that are given the cherry potion are major offenders against women (sort of like a felony) for example a rapist, a molester, or a woman beater. They are forced to live and work in the back of the glory hole room of Madame Morgan's gentleman's club, the Black Hole. They are forced to  meet a quota of so many cocks sucked a day or be punished.

Below the jump is a more in depth explanation of the rules of the universe.

These are the rules of the Madame Morgan Universe:

1. A guy only gets the cherry potion if he committed a serious crime against a woman or women (ie. rape, murder, molestation, physical abuse, etc.)

2. A guy is given the strawberry potion only for minor reasons (ie. cheating, gropping women, etc.)

3. A guy given the Cherry Potion ends up working at The Black Hole Club.

4. A guy given the Strawberry Potion ends up working at The Legend, the bar that Madame Morgan owns.

The stages of Cherry Girls

Stage 1 Womanly ass and hips, Smooth stomach, Budding breasts = 12 year old girl, Feminine mannerisms, A little shrinkage of their cock

Stage 2 Full breast size, Hair on head grows long, Knowledge of make-up, Even more shrinkage of their cock

Stage 3 Facial Feminization, Cock is very tiny

Stage 4 Full womanhood

Goals to achieve stages

Stage 1: 5 Cocks in one day
Stage 2: 15 Cocks in one day
Stage 3: 20 Cocks a day for two weeks
stage 4: 40 Cocks a day for two weeks

Strawberry Girl Stages

Stage 1: Body hair loss, Extreme weight loss (To specified size), Womanly ass and hips, smooth stomach, Budding breasts, Feminine mannerisms, Slight attraction to men

Stage 2: Full breast size, Hair on head grows longer and changes to a more feminine color and is softer, Slight facial feminization, Full attraction to men, Knowledge of make-up

Stage 3 Hair is full length, Full facial feminization

Stage 4 Full womanhood

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