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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Madame Morgan Chloe: A Peach Girl Story Part 3

As the elevator doors open Conner and Ms. Fey step out and start walking down the hall. The hall is very reminiscent of a college dorm with rooms on each side of the hall. Along the tour Conner saw various other people all wearing various colors of the same outfit that he was currently winning. As they passed them many of them were thanking Ms. Fey for their new life. Conner notices that it’s mainly guys here even though many of the companies could easily be considered as to catering for women and even teen girls. He does notice a few women here and there though, and oddly enough a few men who look like they could easily pass as women themselves.

“I’ve noticed that there seems to be a lot of guys up here and not that many women. I could understand there were no women because you probably wouldn’t want it to get weird up here but there’s enough here to be considered co-ed. I know that a lot of the companies you listed cater to a lot of women, so where are they?” Conner asked.

“Well you see Conner for some reason it seems that the women advance much quicker. The 3rd floor is full of them. I’m sure you’ll see that for yourself when you advance on to the second floor.”

As they walk they come upon a room that looks like it could be a restaurant. Oddly enough even though it’s on the interior of the building where there should be no windows, it has a wall of windows.

“This is the cafeteria, here you will get three meals a day plus two snacks. All you do is input your last name and member number into the keypad of the food dispenser and it will dispense your food for your new dietary restrictions we have made to help you get into the proper body shape that you need to be for your new career. So, do you have any questions?”

“Um yeah, how is it that there are windows in here when this is an inside room?” Conner asked.

Ms. Fey chuckles a little then says, “I always get asked that question. You see in reality those are not windows, they are HD monitors showing a camera feed from my estate in England. I figure that it is such a beautiful landscape that it would be a great scene for you guys to look at and enjoy while you eat.”

“I guess that does make sense, and it is quite a breathtaking sight. It’s much better than looking at plain walls.” Conner said.

“That is quite right; now then let me show you the social room where I’m sure you’ll be spending quite a bit of time up here while you get used to your new regimen and get used to the changes that you’re going to be going through.”  Ms. Fey says as she starts to walk away.

After a little while they come upon a room with some couches, a bar, a billiards table, a ping pong table, and some board games.

“This is the social room, here we have quite a few things to help you pass away the time. The fridge behind the bar is stocked full with our two drinks, peach and banana, however we have found that those that have drank the peach drink can’t stand the taste of the banana drink and vice versa so you are best off sticking to the peach drink, which is why we have set up a system similar to the one in the cafeteria where you input your name and it gives you your drink.”

“That sounds pretty reasonable. I mean I’m sure that you wouldn’t want to waste any of the drinks on people if they aren’t going to drink them. You seem to have thought everything out here. I’m really going to enjoy it here. I’m looking forward to this.”

“Well you haven’t even seen the most popular part of the social room. If you follow me over by the pool table you will see our small game room. Here you can play all kinds of games. The X-men game seems to be our most popular one. Although I've heard them say that there is a glitch in the beta test game that is in it along with the classic, but people seem to embrace it. So any questions so far?” Ms. Fey asserts.
“No, none that I can think of, this all seems pretty cut and dry.”
“Good then let us move on to the end of our tour, your apartment.”
Ms Fey leads Conner out of the social room and down the hall a ways past many doors with someone’s first initial, last name, and career they are going for followed by some numbers.
“Ms. Fey if you don’t mind me asking, what is the deal with the numbers on everyone’s doors?” Conner asked.
“Those are your member numbers. When you go to get food or drinks from the machines you need to input your own member number.” Ms. Fey explained.
Finally they reached Conner’s room.
“Here you go. We are now at the end of our tour. As you can see, you have a luxurious, comfortable bed.”
Conner goes to sit on the bed and it is the most comfortable bed he had ever laid on.
“Wow this is amazing!! I really think I’m going to like it here.” Conner exclaims as he notices some speakers in the ceiling. “What are those for?”
“Well we have found that the most efficient way for people to relax is to listen to songs that we feel they may enjoy while they sleep at night. So we pump the music in through the speakers.” Ms Fey explained.

“Oh that does seem pretty cool I like the idea.” Conner said getting off of the bed.

“Well if you think that the bed is great then you’ll truly enjoy the bathroom.” she said.

Conner walked into the bathroom and was awestruck at the sheer beauty of it.

  “The shower is a fully functional steam shower with multiple heads.” Ms Fey explained.
“Holy cow this is amazing! I’ve never seen a bathroom like this. You really go all out for us. I am just so impressed with everything I’ve seen. This is so much better than my old life. I was so broke and yet I was working two jobs. My usual dinner was a package of Ramen Noodles unless it was payday then I would treat myself to the Golden Corral and pig out on the all you can eat buffet. My bed consisted of a thin mattress on top of a broken airbed. Now I’m going to be living in the lap of luxury. I am really grateful for all of this. In fact if all I have to do is wear this uniform to have all of this then I’m more than happy to wear it.” he gushed.

Ms. Fey chuckled.

“It’s funny you should mention the uniform because the last thing I have to show you is your closet.” she said leaving the bathroom.

  Conner followed her and saw her pointing to the closet. It had three full uniforms a shiny blue one like he was currently wearing, a light blue one with purple underwear and a red one.
“You have been issued three uniforms all I ask is that you change uniforms every day and put on a different one. At the end of the day when you change into your new one just leave it on your bed and our staff will take care of the cleaning of it. So do you have any final questions?” Ms. Fey explained.

Conner thought about it for a moment. “Nope I think you’ve covered all the bases.”

“Well then I’ll leave you to get settled into your new life. I just know you are going to love everything about your new life.”

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