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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chloe Part 2 on Fictionmania & more

I am happy to announce that I just submitted my Madame Morgan Chloe Part 2 story to Fictionmania and hopefully it should be on their site soon. It seems that the FEMALE RP on Rachel's Haven is going pretty good and I just want to say that I always welcome new role-players to it. Just because a majority of the players have started their transformations doesn't mean you can't jump right in and start up a new character.

It may be a little while before I start writing part 4 of the story, but it will include a few of my NPCs from the Rachel's Haven RP, and part 5 is sure to have some of the people that Conner has interacted with in  the RP like Charles, Steven, and John so that should be interesting for readers of both. I also plan on writing a sort of one shot story on Madame Morgan herself and how she became obsessed with changing men into women way back in the time of Merlin when she went by the name of Morgana, although as a small hint of a spoiler for that story I'll just say that one of my favorite Fictionmania stories is the Tabor series by Denver. Gleam from that what you will.

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