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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My Oh Crap Moment

Just figured I'd share my experience today with whatever readers I have. I decided to go to the mall today and do some window shopping and try on a few outfits for fun. Before going I decided to get dressed sorta en femme. I put on a cool shirt that I got from Forever 21, I put on a pair of black Capri leggings underneath a pair of really short shorts. I even put on a pink bra and a tight Spanx cami. I was ready to go. Before heading out I had the idea of maybe putting on a little mascara and some lip gloss, but I wasn't able to find my purse that I stashed a while ago that has all my make up in it so I just said the hell with it.

When I got to the mall it was raining so I decided to put on my hoodie, which totally hid the whole top half of my outfit. My first stop was everyone's favorite store Victoria's Secret. I looked around in there hoping they had free samples of make-up that I could borrow but only found a $10-$15 tube of gloss so I decided not to get it.

My next stop was my favorite store in the mall, Torrid. I love this store because they have so many fashionable clothes for plus sized people and they are all very TG friendly. Well anyhow I was looking around for things to try on and had already filled up a dressing room with items, but honestly I can never have too many things to try on especially when they have such cute clothes, while I was checking out the clothes on one of the racks the one dressing room door opened and out came my friends' daughter, whose style I've always kinda liked, and her friends, one of which I've sorta had a thing for for a while.

I froze and I'm sure I turned pale white. I've spent years avoiding being caught to the point where if I ever saw someone that I recognized, even if they wouldn't recognize me, I would drop everything and bail. Now here I stood in a women's clothing store wearing girls shorts and leggings and I see them. They rush over and give me a hug and talk to me a little bit, which means they saw my outfit. They didn't make any fuss over it or me so after a while of hiding behind the rack I made a mad dash to the changing room hoping they didn't see me. After a while I heard them leave and decided to try on what was in the room with me.

As I came out, I talked to the very nice saleslady and she told me that they told her to let me know that they wouldn't say anything. Which honestly deep down I knew, but still it's the nightmare of anyone who is in the closet. Now my other side of my brain is wondering if it'll ever be brought up and possibly they'd want to do an outing or something, I doubt it but a girl can hope, right?

Kisses, Danyelle