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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Update 5/15/2012

I know it's been quite a while since my last post but between school and a job that ended up falling through. I plan on finishing Part 3 of my Chloe story later on tonight and posting it soon after. Now for some bad news.
 I have stopped taking my herbal hormone supplements. They we working great and I have gained breasts from them, but unfortunately I became aware of two things, as much as I thought I was ready for this step I am far from it maybe if I had someone to help me and guide me along the way and help with my insecurities it may have been different but I don't have anyone like that, and the other thing is simply that with only a limited amount of funds I really couldn't afford them. I am still happy and might try them again in a few years when I have a proper amount of steady income. I hope that I can get part 4 of my story started and finished sooner than it took me to do part 3 but unfortunately I have no guarantee. I am still running an RP on Rachel's Haven based on my Madame Morgan Universe but more specifically the FEMALE part of it and am always up for new players. So for now I'll be going back to the story so I can post it for you all.

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