All stories on this blog are my own works. All the stories take place in one of two universes; The Madame Morgan universe which revolves around one central person, Madame Morgan and The Fempire Stories.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The new flavor has been chosen....

The pole is now officially closed and the results are in. With a come from behind victory the winner is Peach. However when I last saw that it was going to be a tie I came up with a way to fix it so I will implement that idea still.

The way I see it is there are two different tracks the men can go on; a more athletic track (cheerleader or pro wrestling diva) and a track that focuses more on beauty and looks (model or actress/starlet) so that means each one will have it's own flavor so that the body and mind changes appropriately.

 Seeing as Peach won the poll this flavor will be used for the track that focuses on looks and beauty. Now with there being a tie for second place between Watermelon and Banana I made a decision to use Banana as the flavor for the athletic track. I did this for the main reason of color, right now the other flavors are Strawberry and Cherry and both of those are on the red side of the color wheel and so is Watermelon so to change things up I went with Banana because it would have a yellow coloring and not run the risk of getting confused for another flavor in pictures or in the world that they live in.

I will try my best to get started on the story as soon as I can since I want to get it out of my head and onto the screen to share, however I just started a new semester of school and highly anticipate getting overloaded with studying and homework so it may be a while before I do post the story but I promise that it will get done along with my other stories. Although, to keep my blog interesting I'm opening up the universe a little for anyone who would like to do a guest cap or story based in the universe. If you are interested just let me know by leaving a comment or something.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Update on the new Series

The poll looks to be going along nicely and I've been doing some thinking about this and I think I may have come up with a name for the place. I still want to hear your thoughts and ideas but I was thinking of calling it

The Fey Establishment for Metamorphosis & Living Excellently (F.E.M.A.L.E.)
At FEMALE clients will sign their life to the institute to help better themselves. Clients will be provided with everything needed to live life to it's fullest. We will provide you with shelter, food, vitamins, and everything needed to help you along with changing your life for the better. We will even provide you with a new career when you leave. 

We promise a new you guaranteed or double your money back

I figure this would be the advertisement for the place. Let me know what you all think. As a bonus I figured I'd let you in on the other aspect of FEMALE you see they also double as a recruitment/talent agency. They provide Hollywood with all the latest starlets and actresses, they provide models for magazines and game shows, provide pro sport teams with new cheerleaders, and they even provide the wrestling companies with new divas. These are the new careers for the men who come in. They start out as men that want beautiful sexy women and leave as beautiful sexy women that want men and are desired by men.

Like I said let me know what you all think of this concept. Also be on the lookout for a new caption that will serve as a teaser to this series.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The poll results are in ...

Well it looks like the poll has closed and we have a winner. It seems like Ms.LeFay will be opening a new business with her "Image Consultation" service, however I do have a small problem in that I'm not sure what to call the new business. You see the only name I was able to think of was New You, however that is pretty much the same thing as what Samantha deSavory's TG Captions, one of my favorite TG Captioners has used and I would not use anything like that name without her ok. I am more than willing to hear suggestions for the new venture. Also I will be putting up a new poll for you to choose the flavor of potion that she will be using for her transformation in her clinic. I plan on starting this new story with in the week while the premise is still fresh in my head. 

So I ask you to help me shape my next story. Give me names for Madame Morgan's "Image Consultaion" agency, and vote in the poll for the next flavor of potion