All stories on this blog are my own works. All the stories take place in one of two universes; The Madame Morgan universe which revolves around one central person, Madame Morgan and The Fempire Stories.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Quick update 2/19/2013

First and foremost let me apologize to all of my readers. I have been so busy with school that I've not had much time to write. I started on my new story, that could end up as a full on separate universe from my Madame Morgan series, that I will be working on called Interview with a Fempire. Sometime soon I will post what I've written so far as a teaser.

As far as my transition is going, I'm still taking the herbal hormone pills, which you can buy here , and they are working wonders on me. My body is changing to the point where I can tell I have breasts I my have a feminine ass as well but until I loose some weight I won't know for sure. The thing that's really getting me is the mental changes. Before I never really cared about shoes or accessories but now I've got a good start on my shoes and cute boots and I'm starting to buy jewelry as well. I think it's also starting to make me more confident in wearing women's clothes in public as well since I've started to wear leggings to school now with boots. Well I'd love to post more but I have to get going to class. I'll try to post more often even if it's not posting stories just to keep all of you updated.

Love you all,