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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Madame Morgan: Danyelle (A strawberry girl story) Part 1

Dan, an overweight hairy closet transvestite with thoughts of becoming a woman, is checking out a nice pair of stretchy boot cut pants to try on and possibly buy, "Oh wow these look like they might fit me." He grabs a blue top to match the black pants, and then grabs some men's clothes as a cover to get into the dressing room. During all this he doesn't notice a beautiful woman watching his every move, studying him closely.

In the dressing room, Dan is trying on the leggings and top, "Not too bad, but it be better if I had the right body for this." Just then the dressing room door opens up. Dan stands there white as a ghost as a beautiful woman with long red hair, sexy green eyes, and full red lips wearing a tight curve hugging spandex black bodysuit and a tight black leather skirt with black patent leather knee high boots stands there, "Just as I thought. Oh no need to worry as far as everyone else in the store knows this door is closed." she said. "What do you mean?" Dan asked still frightened. The woman responded, "You could say I paused them all. You see I'm a witch." she said. "You can call me Madame Morgan. Just come with me and I can help you out."

Dan waited a moment before realizing she wasn't going to look away. When he took off the outfit she say just what she thought she'd see Dan was wearing a bra and panties, which were a little too small for him. He put on his regular clothes and started to leave the dressing room.

"Aren't you forgetting something?” she asked pointing to the clothes he just tried on. "You do want those clothes right? Well if you want me to buy them for you, you better carry them." Confused Dan grabbed the outfits he was trying on and started to follow her. "Oh I almost forgot."

Morgan said as she snapped her fingers. Just then the whole store returned to normal. Dan and Madame Morgan proceeded to the checkout.

Once they finished they headed towards his car. "I'm going to treat you to lunch at my pub. Take me to The Legend. Once we get there I'll explain everything.", she said during the short drive there. Dan was really confused, part of him was turned on by all this and part of him was scared to death.

They arrived at the pub and sat down. Nicole; their waitress, dressed in a black sports bra that barely contained her D-cup breasts and tight gray jeans like most of the other girls that worked there, came over to take their order. She sat right on Dan's lap. "Hi there Miss Morgan, how are you today?" Nicole asked. "Ah, Nicole I'm doing well today. So do you like your new life, now?" Madame Morgan replied. "Well I have to admit, when you first told me what was going to happen to me I was angry at you, but now that the changes are complete I'm enjoying being a beautiful woman. In fact, I still find it hard to believe that just two weeks ago I was an average looking man who couldn't say no to women with big breasts even when I had a girlfriend and now I am a sexy big breasted woman who loves men." said Nicole. Dan was shocked and scared, here he just found out this beautiful sexy woman sitting on his lap used to be a guy. "Don't worry honey," Nicole said to Dan, "I'm all woman now. One hundred percent woman to be exact, I could show you if you like." Madame Morgan interrupted before Nicole could get too friendly. "I think Dan here will have some of our special strawberry potion." Nicole frowned and left to get the potion ready.

"So what's going on here?" asked Dan. "I change worthless men into beautiful women. Depending on how serious the crime is determines which of the two potions I use. The strawberry is for lesser crimes like cheating, but the cherry is for rapists and other major crimes against women." Madame Morgan replied proudly. Dan quickly asked, "Well what'd I do wrong? Why are you doing this to me?".”You haven't done anything wrong actually. You see you're different I can tell that this is what you desire. Normally I wouldn't do this, I feel most transsexuals are just wolves in sheep's clothing, they just want to become women for some reason or another, but you truly have the soul and spirit of a woman trapped inside of you fighting to get out." Madame Morgan explained.

Nicole brings back a glass full of a icy pink liquid looking very much like a strawberry daiquiri and sets it in front of Madame Morgan. "Now before you drink this let me tell you what's going to happen. First of all the changes aren't all going to happen at once, every time you go to sleep some changes will occur to reflect your ideal woman. The first set of changes will be drastic, after that the changes will happen one by one until the final change occurs and that will be the loss of your cock and the birth of your new pussy, but the changes are not limited to just physical you will also change mentally to fit your new body. Secondly, from the point you wake up tomorrow all men's clothes you put on will change into women's clothes. Don't worry though all your friends and family won't notice anything different. Now since I'm doing this for you must promise to do two things for me; with-in twenty years you must give birth to at least one child, you must change at least one man using either potion, and you must come work here for at least one year. Now do we have a deal?"

Dan sat and thought about it a minute. On one hand he was being given exactly what he wanted, to become a beautiful sexy woman, without hurting his loved ones. On the other hand he wasn't too crazy about getting pregnant because just the thought of having sex with a guy disgusted him, but then again maybe once he's a woman it won't bother him that much. "Yes we do have a deal, but I have a question." Dan said. "Well if it deals with clothes don't worry about it because every article of women's clothing you ever wore weather it fit or not will be in your wardrobe, and will fit perfectly. Now tell me what you want to look like, and I'll make sure the potion changes you that way." replied Madame Morgan. Dan thought about it and said, "Well I guess I'd like to be about a 40-D, 24, 38. I'd like to be about 5'6" with strawberry-blonde hair going just barely past my shoulders. As far as my face goes I'd like light blue eyes, lips like Angelina Jolie, a nose like Katie Holmes, and cheeks like Eva Longoria.". "Wow you've really put some thought into this, and that's good because you're going to look exactly like that for at least twenty years." she said as she mixed some extra powder in it.

As she handed it to Dan he immediately drank it all. Within two minutes the glass was empty. "Good now, have you thought of a new name?" asked Madame Morgan. Dan quickly responded, "Yes actually, I've thought about it for years now ever since I saw the name Danyelle spelled with a y I loved it, and I figure I might as well use it after all it is the feminine version of Daniel but a little different just like me."

"Well then Danyelle let me be the first to welcome you to your new life. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some other business to tend to. I'll see you in a few days.” Madame Morgan said disappearing out the door.

Nicole came back over to talk to the future Danyelle. "So you're going to be one of us huh? Well that's too bad because I was kinda hoping we could get together, after all you aren't that bad looking." Nicole flirtingly said. "Just because I want to become a woman doesn't mean I'm gay. Trust me I think you're very hot. Besides I think it be cool to have someone to talk to that's actually gone through this." Dan responded. "Yeah, well when I went through it I wasn't too happy about it all. I mean it wasn't exactly easy getting over the fact that this incredibly sexy woman tricked me into drinking that potion. I never drank 'chick drinks' but she said she found it sexy and I just got dumped by my girlfriend for cheating on her. Little did I know my girlfriend hired her to do that, but now I'm glad all of that happened I love being a woman; my life is so much better and I'm much happier ... You know what my shift is over and I do need a ride home, so okay I'll let you take me home, and we'll just see what happens from there.", Nicole explained.

Dan and Nicole went to her house, and she invited him in. They started some small talk, but it didn't last long. She started to kiss him and he started to quickly take off her sports bra, freeing her massive breasts. She took off his T-shirt and saw his bra, normally she'd be confused but she just took it off and flung it across the room. He took off his blue jean shorts and panties. She took off her jeans and panties, and wrapped her legs firmly around Dan. For the first and probably last time in his life he stuck his cock into a woman's vagina. He carried her to her bed, and proceeded to fuck Nicole. They continued it for hours until finally they both had orgasmed. Dan and Nicole laid there in her bed talking until they both fell asleep.

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