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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Update 2/28/12

Sorry it's been a while, but I've been pretty busy between school, work, running an rp on Rachel's Haven that is in the FEMALE part of the universe, and family life; but between a lag in work, and lack of school work plus spring break coming up I should have part 3 of Conner's story up within the week.

The RP is going along great and everyone is on the second day there which means soon the characters will start changing, plus I just added Conner to the story along with three others that I will include in my stories on here. I may also include Conner's interactions with the players into my future stories. I feel this rp is truly helping me with the story and the characters in it are great. As with some rps I think I might have lost a few but I hope not because each and every one of the characters is great and has a great career ahead of them.

I want to thank everyone who voted in the poll to help me determine the type of career track a professional dancer would be on. Like I said I was unsure but Banana won out so that is what it will be. I have a new poll up now with another question. Granted it will be in the future, at the very least after Madame Morgan Chloe, but Would you as my readers be interested in a sort of Origin story of Madame Morgan and how she discovered her potions and made the money to start her businesses. Keep in mind there may not be that much transgender things going on in the story, a few guys getting changed her and there as she experiments with the potions, but it will be mostly about her and her rise after her defeat from Merlin and Arthur.

Also I'm proud to announce that I am going 5 whole months on my herbal hormones and am loving the results, although I swear they are starting to affect my mind a little too now as I'm noticing more and more things I like including shoes. I never really cared all that much for shoes but lately I've been going crazy over them and even bought a few pairs and some cute boots.

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  1. I love that u updated us on how you are doing. It is funny about the shoes I too have only had maybe 3 pair as a guy but now I cant seam to have enough and nothing less than 5 inch heels. If possible could you send picture of how much you have changed so far? Your Friend Kelly