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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Update 6/5/13 and preview of Interview with a fempire

First of I'm sorry it's been so long since my last update, but things have been rough. I stopped taking my hormones for a while mainly because I felt that I may have an opportunity at the one thing that has eluded me my whole life, a girlfriend. However things are not looking so good on that front as the woman I was chasing just started a relationship with someone. I am still keeping hope for that but until I get some school money I can't get any more of the herbal hormones.

The one thing about this setback with the woman is that it has kicked Danyelle back into gear. Seeing as I'm out of school until mid to late August I'm going to be able to have more time to work on my new Fempire story and possible series. So far I have typed out the part of the story that I jotted down some time ago, and now I just have to finish it and find some pictures to go with it.

To give you a little teaser I'll post what I have so far and just let me know what you think of it, oh and by the way sorry about the cheesy title but I figured it fit.

“Thank you for meeting me.”, said the sexy woman.

“You’re more than welcome we at the Tampa Bay Times take all potential stories seriously no matter how bizarre they sound.”, I told her.

“Yeah, I know it may sound odd but trust me when I tell you that everything I’m about to tell you is true. I just want to get my message out there before it’s too late.” she said.

“… Okay. Well then let’s hear your story”


“Okay class, remember we are to meet here tomorrow morning for our trip to Key Largo.”, said the professor as the class left.

Dan started walking to his car when Bianca, the cutest girl in the class approached him.
“Hi there, Dan.” She said.

Dan, shocked that one of the most beautiful women in the class not only sought him out but knew his name managed to mutter out a response, “Hi, Bianca.”

 “So what’re your plans for the rest of the day?” Bianca asked him.

“Well I was thinking of going home and …” Dan started to say before Bianca interrupted him saying, “Home? You don’t really want to go home do you? Why not take me to the mall?”

“Taking you to the mall does sound like fun. Sure I’ll take you to the mall. Hop in.” Dan responded and opened the car door for her.

On the way to the mall they talked about various things ranging from relationship status, they were both single and looking, to music. Once they arrived at the mall Briana made a beeline for the nail salon.

“Come on let’s get a mani-pedi together it’ll be fun.” Briana said.

Dan hesitated, saying “Well I don’t know.”

She grabbed him and pulled him in saying in a pleading tone, “Oh come on you know you want to. I promise you’ll love the end result, plus I’ll make it worth your while. Besides I’m paying for it.”

“Well, I guess I’ll do it. I don’t want to disappoint you.” Dan responded.

Briana giggled and walked up to the counter and told them she wanted the works for the both of them.

After his hands and feet were scrubbed the tech brought out some pink polish and proceeded to apply it starting with his toes.

Briana looked over at his toes and gushed, “OMG! That color looks so good on you. I can’t wait till she does your fingers.”

“My fingers?! I don’t want my nails painted! I’m a guy.”  He protested.

Briana got up from her chair and before Dan knew it Briana was kissing him. This kiss was so deep and passionate that it was the most amazing kiss he ever experienced in his life. He felt like a weight had been lifted off him. When she finished she looked down at him and smiled.

“So how do you like your mani-pedi so far?” Briana asked Dan.

 He brushed his now shoulder length hair behind his ears and looked at his toes. “Oh wow pink is so my color, but I was wondering instead of just plain pink on my fingers could I get a design, Bri?”

So there is what I have so far and I promise you there is much more to come once I get it out of my brain and onto paper. Let me know what you think.


  1. Awe I was hoping for a new picture of you and what changes have happened to you. But great story.

  2. Well as far add that goes no matter what I think will always have breasts . I'm not sure if I have said this before but I will never post any pics off me on my blog because I am still in the closet and this isn't a secure place. I have in the past posted on my Facebook page but have not recently however that is the only place that I will post update pictures.