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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Interview with a Fempire

Before I post the story I want to ask you to let me know what you think. I want to know weather or not I should do the next chapters or not. I have some ideas as to where the story is going to go and hope to write them all down but I want to know if you are even interested in it so please leave me some comments.

Interview with a Fempire

A mild mannered reporter writing the story.

“Thank you for meeting me.”, said the sexy woman.

“You’re more than welcome we at the Tampa Bay Times take all potential stories seriously no matter how bizarre they sound.”, I told her.

“Yeah, I know it may sound odd but trust me when I tell you that everything I’m about to tell you is true. I just want to get my message out there before it’s too late.” she said.

“… Okay. Well then let’s hear your story”


“Okay class, remember we are to meet here tomorrow morning for our trip to Key Largo.”, said the professor as the class left.

Dan started walking to his car when Bianca, the cutest girl in the class approached him.
“Hi there, Dan.” She said.
Dan and Brianna

Dan, shocked that one of the most beautiful women in the class not only sought him out but knew his name managed to mutter out a response, “Hi, Bianca.”

 “So what’re your plans for the rest of the day?” Bianca asked him.

“Well I was thinking of going home and …” Dan started to say before Bianca interrupted him saying, “Home? You don’t really want to go home do you? Why not take me to the mall?”

“Taking you to the mall does sound like fun. Sure I’ll take you to the mall. Hop in.” Dan responded and opened the car door for her.

On the way to the mall they talked about various things ranging from relationship status, they were both single and looking, to music. Once they arrived at the mall Briana made a beeline for Cali Pro Nail.
CaliPro Nail

“Come on let’s get a mani-pedi together it’ll be fun.” Briana said.

Dan hesitated, saying “Well I don’t know.”

She grabbed him and pulled him in saying in a pleading tone, “Oh come on you know you want to. I promise you’ll love the end result, plus I’ll make it worth your while. Besides I’m paying for it.”

“Well, I guess I’ll do it. I don’t want to disappoint you.” Dan responded.

Briana giggled and walked up to the counter and told them she wanted the works for the both of them.

After his hands and feet were scrubbed the tech brought out some pink polish and proceeded to apply it starting with his toes.

Briana looked over at his toes and gushed, “OMG! That color looks so good on you. I can’t wait till she does your fingers.”

“My fingers?! I don’t want my nails painted! I’m a guy.”  He protested.

Briana got up from her chair and before Dan knew it Briana was kissing him. This kiss was so deep and passionate that it was the most amazing kiss he ever experienced in his life. He felt like a weight had been lifted off him. When she finished she looked down at him and smiled.

“So how do you like your mani-pedi so far?” Briana asked Dan.

 He brushed his now shoulder length hair behind his ears and looked at his toes. “Oh wow pink is so my color, but I was wondering instead of just plain pink on my toes could I get a design, Bri?”

Briana giggled. “Sure thing.”
Dan's toes after the pedicure
About an hour or so later they are getting ready to leave the spa Dan is about to put his shoes on when Briana stops him.

“Whoa hold on now. Don’t tell me that I paid all that money for you to get your toes done and you’re not going to show them off.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t mean to upset you but I don’t have any other shoes to wear.”

She smiled and said, “Well then we’re just going to have to get you some then. For now just keep those paper sandals on your feet. It’s a good thing the best shoe store is right around the corner. “

She takes him up the escalator and brings him into Rack Room Shoes. Briana takes him over to the sandals. She looks him over and says “You look like a size nine maybe.”

“Um aren’t we in the wrong section, and no I’m a size seven.”

She gives him a look of disappointment and says, “Just try these, please.”

She hands him a coral pair of fabric sandals with a slight wedge by Italian Shoemak.
First Sandal

He looks at the shoes and looks at her then decides to try them on.

“Those look pretty good on you and they really showcase your toes, but let’s hold off on them for a sec and see if we can find something better.

Briana looks at the rack some more and grabs a nude and coral pair from Chinese Laundry with a two and a half inch wedge and hands them to him. “Here try these.”

He looks at the shoes and says, “Look you’re very sexy and all but I’m not all that comfortable putting these on. I’m a guy and guys don’t wear these kinds of shoes.”

Second Sandal
She walks over to him and gives him another deep passionate kiss.
After the kiss he looks at the shoes and puts them on.

“Oh these are so wonderful looking on my feet and they really showcase my toes. I think I want them.” He pauses a second and then walks down the aisle a little bit swaying his newly shaped wide feminine hips with every step of his shapely feminine legs and grabs pair of sandals with a small platform and about a 3 inch cork heel with red and beige straps.

“Now these are even better though.” He tries them on and walks up and down the aisle with ease as if he’d been wearing heels for years.
Third Sandal

He sighs. “I don’t know Bri what should I get they’re all so great?”

She giggles and says, “I’ll tell you what, I’m feeling generous so I’ll get you all three, but on three conditions.”

“I’ll do anything Bri.”

“Ok well first you have to let me borrow them.”

“Duh of coarse my bestie can borrow them.”

Briana smiled and said, “Two you’ve gotta wear the heels you have on now for the rest of the day.”

“No problem there. They show off my toes the best anyhow.”

“Three after this we’ve totally gotta get you some better clothes to wear with them.”

“Ok we can do that.”


Lexy, Kim, and Aksana are walking into the mall from Sears when they spot Briana walking out of Rack Room Shoes with someone.

“Isn’t that Briana? Who’s that she’s with?” Kim asks.

Lexi looks up and recognizes Dan from her Biology class. “Uh that’s Dan from my bio class, but he didn’t look like that a few hours ago. His hair was much shorter than that.”
Aksana, Kim, and Lexy (L-R)

“Oh shit you’re right we have him in our History class. Look at his legs and hips those are not a man’s hips and look he's wearing heels and walking them with ease.” Aksana observed.

“Crap if that’s the case we better call Hunter and tell her what’s going on. She is not going to be pleased.” Kim said.

Back to Dan and Brianna

Briana takes Dan and leads him into Fredrick’s of Hollywood.

“Now the first part of getting you some new clothes is making sure you have the right underwear.”

“Um ok then why are we in a lingerie store then? I’m a guy what do I need a bra and panties for?”

Fredrick's of Hollywood
She quickly gives him another deep passionate kiss.

 “Well I don’t why you keep calling yourself a guy after all what kind of guy would have a pair of breasts that size trying to pop out of their shirt and as any civilized girl will tell you it’s not polite to go running around with no bra on I mean after all you can tell you’re kinda cold.”

Dan looked down and saw his new massive breasts hanging off his body. He thought for a moment like something was wrong but quickly put the thought aside.

Briana quickly grabbed an associate and asked her to measure Dan. When she was done she said that he was a size 36D. So Briana grabbed a cute magenta and black lace corset style bra and matching boyshort panties and handed them to Dan for him to try on.

Dan went into the dressing room and put on the bra and panties with ease. When he Briana came in he asked, “Well what do you think?”
New Bra and Panties Set

“I think they look amazing on you. Now give me the tags so I can pay for them and put your clothes back on.” She said, handing him a pair of scissors from her purse.

Dan cut the tags and gave her back the scissors along with the tags.

Before putting his clothes back on he looked at himself in the mirror. He looked amazing from the neck down but he still felt like something wasn’t right, but once again he quickly put his clothes back on and walked out of the dressing room feeling good about himself.

“Ok now that you have the right underwear on let’s get you some better clothes and a makeover too.”
After leaving Fredrick’s they go up the escalator and go into Forever 21.

Forever 21
As they walked in Dan looked puzzled. “Why are we in here? I thought we were going to get me some clothes, but this is a women’s clothing store.”

Briana goes up to him and gives him another deep passionate kiss.

Dan’s face becomes more feminine to the point where he looks like a college age girl, and down below the front of his pants became a little flatter.

“Wow I still can’t get over how great a kisser you are. Now are we going to shop or what?” Dan say in a now feminine voice.

Dan at the checkout
Briana laughs, “Of course we are. Ooo what do you think of these shorts. “

“Those are nice. They’ll show off my legs real good. I’ll grab them to try them on. “

“Hey Dani, check out this sexy dress.”

“OMG! That is a sexy dress! I think I’ll try it too.”

After about an hour in the store, they have picked up four pairs of leggings, ten new tops, three new skirts, six new dresses, and a new pair of shorts.  

Brianna and Dan walk out carrying their bags while Dan is wearing her new leather like shorts that show off her long beautiful legs and a black polka dotted bustier showing off her sexy midriff.

Red Robin
“I don’t know about you Dani but I’m kinda hungry what do you say we head to Red Robin and grab some dinner.”

Dan giggles and says “Yum!”

Brianna laughs.

“That sounds great I’m kinda hungry myself.”

They walk down the escalator and out the doors of the mall to Red Robin.

After about five minutes Lexy, Kim, Aksana, Jocelyn, and Hunter walk in and sit down at the table.

Aksana, Lexy, Hunter, Jocelyn, Kim (L-R)
“Oh wow hi everyone.” Dan says

“Hi Dan. Say I see that you’ve done some shopping, tell you what if you show us what you’ve got and Kim and I’ll help you take it to your car. You see Brianna and Hunter need to have a private conversation.” Lexy says.

“Ok sure. I hope I didn’t do anything to get you in trouble Bri.”

“No, Dan you were just an innocent victim here, but don’t worry I won’t go too harsh on her.” Hunter spoke up.

“Ok then.”

Dan, Kim, and Lexy grab the bags and head toward Dan’s car.

Once they are out of the restaurant Hunter says, “What the hell are you doing? I thought I made it clear that we are not to convert anyone for at least another six months.  We have plenty of Randis to get essence for you.”

“Yeah but it’s nothing like the pure essence that you get from a victim. Although I do gotta say that his was different.”

“Different how Brianna?”

“The taste of it was slightly more of a sweet taste than a musky one, almost tainted in a way.”

“Sweet? Ugh! Brianna do you know what this means?"

“Uh no not really.”

“It means that we can’t make him into a Randi. He was already becoming female, you just supercharged the process. When you take the male essence from someone who is transitioning you can’t give them the full mind wipe to make them a brainless bimbo. They can only become one of us.” Aksana explained.

“You see Brianna this is why you consult me first. We’ve gone decades without having to add a new member. Usually try to screen them and watch them to see if they would even make a good meal let alone to see if they would even make a decent fempire. Now we have to talk to her and convince her to go through with the initiation to become a member of our coven, otherwise who knows what troubles she may cause.”  Hunter said.

“So who’s going to finish her?” Jocelyn asked.

“Well isn’t it obvious? Brianna started the process so that means I’m going to have to finish it.” Hunter explained.

About five minutes later Dan, Lexy, and Kim come back.

Dan sees the serious looks on everyone’s faces and says, “Uh is everything ok or should I come back?”

“No everything is fine. Please sit we need to discuss some things with you.” Hunter said.

Dan sits down.

“Dan first of all can I ask you a personal question?” Hunter started.

“Uh sure.”

“Ok. So have you been taking some form of hormones to try to become a woman?”

Dan blushes and stammers “Um uh … yeah.”

“It’s ok you don’t need to be ashamed of it in fact right now that’s a good thing. I know what I’m about to tell you might sound a little crazy, but everything I’m about to tell you is true. You see the six of us are a special form of vampire called a fempire. We are different because for one, sunlight doesn’t bother us, and well you see we don’t feed on blood. We feed on male essence. Essence is a part of your soul and it is either balanced more toward the male scale or the feminine scale of things. It is what defines your being and what makes your DNA that of a man or a woman.  The more we take from him the more he becomes a she in both body and mind. There are two classes of victims you’ve got the Randis, which are our version of the vampire’s brides, they are turned into mindless bimbos who care only to serve us and obtain more essence for us by any means necessary however they do not take enough to change their victims. Then on the other hand if we feel that the victims are truly worthy enough then we invite them to become a fempire themselves. If they say yes then we put them through the initiation. Once a fempire you are for the most part immortal. Any questions so far?”

“Ok so let me get this straight. You’re telling me that the six of you are all a subspecies of vampire and that Brianna here sucked my maleness dry effectively feeding on me and changing me into a sexy beautiful woman. Now I’m assuming that you are going to try to ask me if I want to become a fempire just like you guys and join your coven. Am I right?” Dan asked.

“Yeah that pretty much covers it. So then that begs the question do you want in?” Hunter asked.

“Are you serious? Yes!  I’d love to be a fempire this is so awesome. What do I have to do?”

“Well the first step is to seal you into your new body with a little fempire essence. To seal your new body, you have to initiate a ‘kiss’ with a fempire different from the one who initiated the change. While doing this ‘kiss’ you need to concentrate on drawing up the essence and taking some of it. Just be careful not to take too much. Now then let’s work on that now.”

 Hunter gets up from the table and motions for Dan to do the same.

Dan walks over to her and starts to kiss her, focusing on her essence. After a while Dan gets lost in the moment and Hunter has to pull away from her.

“Sorry about that Hunter. I just got lost in the moment.”

“It’s fine. So how do you feel now?”

“I’ve never felt so alive.”

“Well that’s good to hear since from now till eternity you will always have that young, sexy, rockin’ bod. As a fempire you are for all intense and purposes immortal. About the only thing that could destroy you is if you willingly fed on a female.”

“Ugh why would I want to do that?”

“Who knows, but it’s happened. Especially now a days with all the women out there that are so unfem.”  Brianna interjected.

“Now that you are a fempire you have to pass the simple initiation to join our coven. All’s you have to do is drain the essence from two men, one the normal way and the other our more seedier way.”

“Ok well I assume that the normal way is how Brianna got me, but what’s the seedier way?”

They all chuckle and Hunter speaks up and says, “You see there are two ways to get the essence, you can suck it through their mouth, or you can suck it through their cock. We usually try to be civilized and mainly do it through the mouth mainly because the change is much slower, but on occasion we do enjoy sucking them dry to the point where their cock becomes a clit. You will have to do both.”

“Ok that doesn’t sound too hard. Just one question though, how do I make them into a Randi?”

“Oh that’s the best part!” Lexy exclaimed “You simply look into their eyes and use your mind warping powers to convince them of their new task in life.”

“Wait we have mind warping powers? This is so cool! I think I’m going to enjoy this.”

Back to Reporter's Office

“Wow this is one hell of an interesting story you’re telling me here Ms.? “


“Danyelle? Wait are you saying that this all happened to you? This does seem a little farfetched.”

“Oh yes it is my story, but this is only the beginning. I still have plenty more where this came from, cutie.”

Danyelle walks up to him and gives him a deep sensual kiss.

“Now then, you’ll just wait until I come back for more of the story. Until then think about spicing up your wardrobe a little maybe wearing leggings instead of pants and a little make-up. Oh and from now on you will only wear panties and will keep your body completely shaved.”

“Ok sounds good to me.”

Danyelle sits back down and says, “Well I’d better get going I have a meeting to attend. I’ll be back to finish my story but in the meantime think about why and how farfetched you think this story is and we’ll discuss it then.”

Danyelle gets up and sexily walks out of his office laughing.


  1. That's a very intriguing set up and I'll be very interested to see where this story goes.

    1. Very good so far. Just like Samantha I will love to see how this turns out