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Thursday, December 15, 2011

His fate has been chosen

The poll to choose the fate of Conner has been chosen by you my wonderful readers. It seems that Madame Morgan has made a new deal with Disney to give them a new starlet by the name of Chloe Chispa. Granted it will be a few months until Chloe is ready after all Conner just arrived and is in the lobby of the Fey Establishment  for Metamorphosis & Living Excellently. The poll was a close one and for a while there it looked like Chloe was going to be a supermodel and not the newest teen sensation. Because of that in the future I will make a F.E.M.A.L.E.  supermodel. 

I am finishing up my school for the holidays which means that I should be able to start writing the story soon. Also my transition is coming along nicely, the herbs are working great and I have breasts now there is no denying the fact now and soon I won't be able to hide it from my family and friends. I don't know what will happen to me after I bust out of the closet, but I'm hoping my family and friends won't shun me. For anyone that wants to see the changes just find me and friend me on Facebook

I have been asked where I get my feminization herbs and figured since they are working so well for me I'd share it with all of you. 
The Web address is:
I am taking Evanesce-ES, Feminol 2.0, Phyto-Feminais, and most importantly the Anti-Testosterone Combo Special (AndroEase & CalmCompanion) There are other feminization helpers on the site as well, I just don’t currently have the cash flow to get any of them but honestly feel that I’m going along quite nicely as I just passed my two month mark and see definite changes.

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  1. Awesome Danyelle I know it will be great. Love Kelly