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Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Poll for new Story

Well judging from the poll you guys REALLY REALLY want the victim of the next story to drink a peach potion. I think the final results of the poll were something like 11 to 1 for peach which means that he will be traveling on the road to a profession that deals with beauty. Now comes the next step what will be the profession that Conner will learn on his way to becoming Chloe? I have a poll up asking that very question of you guys. Your choices are: Supermodel, Model for "The Price Is Right", Movie Star, Singer, Disney Channel Show Starlet, TV show Actress, Soap Opera Actress, a Beauty Queen, or even a Female News Anchor.

A supermodel would be along the lines of a Victoria Secrets model or a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.
A movie star would end up walking the red carpet and talking at events about her new movie. It would be a normal movie NOT a porn, those are more the cherry girls from the Black Hole club.  If singer gets chosen I'll put up a third poll to let you guys pick the genre of music.

Disney Channel Show starlet will involve age regression to turn him into a tween/teenage girl to star in his/her new Disney Channel show. Madame Morgan (as seen by the cap I did two months ago) has a long standing contract with Disney to provide them with new girls when they need them. Her track record with this only has one blemish, but Billy Ray insisted on such a rush process for his son Miles that poor Miley ended up cracking after a while. However Alex turned out great and is now dating the most popular singer in her demographic, Justin Bieber.

TV Show actress would be something along the lines of a new action show, comedy, drama for one of the networks possibly something on the CW network. If soap opera actress is chosen she will be put on a Soap Opera, possibly The Young & The Restless and have a career on that show.

A beauty queen will end up going through the ranks of different beauty queen competitions, ex. Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Miss Universe, Miss Hawaiian Tropic, Miss Georgia, Miss Boston, etc.

Madame Morgan has contracts with several different news stations across the country for recruitment of news anchors.

Well those are your choices. I'm curious as to how this will pan out.

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  1. I love the I dea for your story after reading all of your other storys I know it wiil be awesome. I can't wait to hear more about you as you transform. Love Kelly