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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Update 2/1/12

I just figured I'd give you guys an update on everything going on. First off, and most importantly, I have started working on Chloe Part3 and hope to be able to post it soon.

Secondly I started a FEMALE rp in Rachel's Haven and wow has it taken off. Feel free to join in on it as I hope to keep it going for a while. In it I have already included past Madame Morgan characters Danyelle and Nicole from my very first story and given them an update along with new looks.

 In the rp I even have something I never thought would happen before, but the character was just begging for it to happen. I have a future girl who not only has drank the banana potion and will be a banana girl, but seeing as he was obviously trying to cheat on his wife he was treated to a Strawberry Diquiri (aka Strawberry potion) at Legend, which now also has a visual representation, with a special cherry on top. So we have ourselves our very first mix girl now which ought to be very interesting. I also have posted the FEMALE stages of change there. Please go ahead and check it out.

Third I came up with yet another career path to be chosen but I'm not sure as to weather it would be achieved via a peach drink or a banana drink. The career path is a professional dancer kinda like you would see in a music video but not limited to that, after all the have a whole reality show based upon that kind of professional dancing. Now the dilemma is this for that job you do need to be kinda glamorous looking (peach), but it is a very athletic job (banana). Which is why I'm going to ask you guys for your opinion. Should professional dancer be for a peach drink or a banana drink?

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  1. Banana because of all the dancing.

    The other idea I had was that Morgan would create a tanning lotion. It would be same fruits but you could create 4 more careers by mixing them. So she would be a Banana Girl that Morgan tells has to use the Peach Tanning Lotion.

    Came up with this the other day and was going to PM you and ask if you wanted to test run it on John/Tamara and make up the effects it has on her but it might be a good way to solve your dancer dilemna.

    Which is weird cause that was one of my Easter Eggs I had worked in...unable to beat Dance Central 2=Decimates the game as Tamara as latter stage of feminization. Before I even came up with the Tanning Lotion idea.

    Anyhow, feel free to take this idea for your universe if you like it!