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Monday, October 19, 2015

I'm at the crossroads again

Ok so this past weekend I decided to go all out and be Danyelle the whole weekend.  I even went out of my hotel in a killer dress for the first time and the next day was spent wearing a pair of leggings and a T shirt at Universal Studios. Now before this past weekend I was on the fence about going through with starting back on a hormone regimen but after this past weekend I think I'm leaning towards jumping back in and making the sacrifice. I found some herbal stuff that's supposed to be pretty good, and for a 12 month supply would only cost me about $360. Now I think what I may do, since my funds aren't that great, is possibly set up a crowd funding page to help me reach my goal, but I'm not sure about since I'm not that keen on asking for money. What do you guys think?  Should I try to do it alone or ask for it?

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