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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Another story less update :(

Just a quick little update. Last night I received an email from Blogger stating that on March 23rd they are going to be taking blogs with images or video with "sexually explicit" nudity in them are going to be restricted so that only the authors and those that they share the blog with will be able to see them. After looking over my posts over the years I have come to the conclusion that my blog will be unaffected since any real depictions of sexually explicit nature are in the words of the stories and not in images.

Also as an update last night I actually went to school wearing nothing but female clothes so technically enfemme, but just no makeup. Right now school is kinda kicking my ass so my brain hasn't been able to get back to the 2nd part of the Fempire story but hopefully I'll be able to soon. At the very least I have a few details in my head as to how its going to go. After that I'll try to work on finishing some of my other stories.

Until next time,
Danyelle  :x

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