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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sorry for my absence

I just wanted to quickly say to anyone out there who still is paying attention to this blog that I'm sorry I stopped posting my stories. I honestly was away for so long because I stupidly thought that I could quit being Danyelle. I was desperately trying to get with a certain woman for quite sometime and knew that if anything happened that she could not know about Danyelle. I went as far as doing a sort of binge and purge, luckily this time I knew enough not to actually throw out my wardrobe. I have since come to the realization that she will never see as more than "her BFF". I am now realizing that in some shape or form Danyelle is here to stay. I don't know if I'll ever go forward and become the woman that I want to be, but for now I'm happily wearing the clothes out in public. I go to school wearing leggings and heeled boots, I even think that someday I may even sneak a top into the mix if I ever get brave enough or feel that I'm comfortable with how my body looks. That brings me to my second bit of news, I have joined a gym and for the past two days I've gone and worked out wearing my women's workout clothes and shoes. This is a big step for me since I've always enjoyed workout clothes and always dreamed of wearing them in public. I'm also seriously considering trying to shape my body into a little more of a womanly shape using exercise and strength training. I just have to find the right exercises to do it.

Like I said in my previous post I have started part two of the fempire series, unfortunately it hasn't progressed any since then, but I do plan on finishing it and then finishing off the trilogy.Right now I am juggling my classes and other stuff so it may be a while but I can guarantee that it will be done. I just hope that I still have people here to read my work then.

Until next time.
Kisses from Danyelle

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  1. Once again, glad to have you back! Sounds like it's been a rough year for you, but congrats on dressing more and working out!