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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Short Bio/update

 I've been dabbling in the TG field for a while. I still remember some of the first stories I read on Fiction mania way back in 01, Joe Six Pack's Cheep Rent and Denver's Tabor series, and since then I gradually went to caps as well. Back in 05 I published my  first story on Fictionmania and since have written a total of eleven stories with more to come. I have even created worlds for these stories. I'll admit I have a problem with finishing some of them but in the end I have at least started them. Many in the TG Fiction community are picking up stakes and leaving Blogger for bigger and greener pastures that are a little less strict on their policies. I've given it some thought myself and have decided to stay here for now. I have always been good about trying to leave any sexually explicit content to words on the page and images in your minds, and now that Blogger has changed their policy I plan on double checking any further pictures that will appear in my stories. I hope that many of you will stick around and read my stories, both personal and fictional, as I work toward starting to be more active on this blog. Util next time.


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