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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Madame Morgan Danyelle Part 2

When Dan woke up the next morning he could tell some changes had taken place, his once hairy overweight body was now smooth and skinny he looked down to see his ass wasn't laying on a pillow it was a pillow, he now had a shapely womanly ass just like he asked for. He got out of the bed and immediately knew he shrunk, he took another closer look down and noticed he had very small breasts about maybe a small A-cup.

"Oh man she wasn't kidding about all this!" Dan nervously exclaimed in his newly feminine voice, waking up Nicole in the process. "What'd you expect? She is a witch." Nicole sleepily asked rhetorically. "Yeah, but wow. This just I don't know. I'm speechless." Dan stated. "I was too, but at least you want this I didn't." said Nicole matter of factly. "I guess your right. I think I'm going to go home. Listen last night was great for me, and I hope we can get together later on.", Dan admitted. "Yeah, sure just leave me your number and I'll call you later."

Dan went into the living room he put on his panties and they felt and looked so good on his new womanly bottom. He grabbed the bra he had worn last night and put it on magically it fit perfectly and even lifted his small breasts. He put on the shorts he wore yesterday and almost immediately the legs fused together and rose up his legs to half way up his thighs becoming a tight denim mini-skirt. He put on the baggy T-shirt he came there with. It started shrinking considerably becoming a baby-T. He look in the mirror in shock looking back at him was a woman with a blossoming body, a great ass, a slim waist, small but prominent breasts, then he looked at his unchanged face and frowned. He went back into the living room and put on his shoes, they changed the most, his black tennis shoes changed into a pair of cork wedge sandals. As he walked out to his car he didn't even notice the fact that he was walking like a woman.

When Dan got home it was lunch time and his family was sitting at the table eating. He sat in his car a while afraid to go in. Finally he went got out of his car, very femininely; unknown to him. When he walked in the door his step-father greeted him, "Ah so you finally decided to come home I see. So did you have a good time with your friend?" Relieved that he didn't say anything about what Dan was wearing or what he looked like, he responded "Uh yeah, yeah we had a great time sorry I didn't call but I was so drunk I could drive home so I stayed with my new friend.". "Okay well try to let us know again we were worried, we all know there's some weirdos out there that like to take advantage of people especially, women." his mom scolded. Dan went to his room shutting the door behind him and laid down on his bed and just starred at the ceiling in disbelief.

After just laying on his bed for an hour or so he got up and decided to try on all his old clothes changing them into women's clothing. First he grabbed a pair of cotton boxers and put them on they became tight, the material changed from cotton to nylon-spandex and, they rode up his legs until they just barely covered his shapely bottom effectively making them boy-leg style panties. He put a pair of black dress socks they grew thin and snaked up his smooth legs until they came to about five inches above his knees then the tops started growing about an inch of lace. He put on a black silk dress shirt it clung to his body, the sleeves rode up his slender hairless arms, the collar dove down his neck making a V-neck plunge, the buttons disappeared, the bottom grew down just past his knees becoming a black silk dress.

Then he heard his cell phone ring. Nicole called him and asked him to come over. He took off the dress and stockings. He grabbed another pair of shorts and put them on they clung to his legs and slithered down just barely past his knees and then split at the end on the sides, on the back pink stitching appeared, he was now wearing a pair of Capri jeans. He put on another T-shirt, it changed from black to a hot pink, the material changed from cotton to a blend of polyester and spandex, the bottom of the shirt rose revealing about an inch of stomach if he moved the right way, the sleeves rode up to the neck and kept going until the shirt had become a halter top. He dug out his purse that he bought a few months ago; for his cross country trip, put his now feminine wallet in it and left without thinking of taking out the make-up from it.

When Nicole opened the door she was in awe, "Wow, you really look beautiful and sexy. How about turning around so I can see how great a job the potion did on your behind.” Dan turned around like she asked and playfully shook his ass at her and, she grabbed it startling Dan. "Oh I'm sorry I just couldn't resist.” she apologized. "Don't worry about it. I don't mind it; in fact it felt pretty good. You can grab my ass anytime." he said flirtingly. "Don't tempt me I just might. Well we can fool around later on..." she flirted back. "Ooh you promise?" Dan interrupted. "Surprisingly, yeah. I don't know why but it seems like I find you even more sexy than last night, and you're even more womanly today. It still fells weird saying this to a woman but, I think you're turning me into a bisexual. Anyhow I was thinking we could go out and do some shopping and have dinner, you know do some girly things, before having fun like last night. If that's ok with you that is." Nicole continued. "Well that sounds good and all but I don't have that much cash." Dan sadly stated. "Oh I guess Miss Morgan forgot to tell you. Open your wallet and you should have a brand new credit card in there." As Nicole explained this Dan opened his wallet and found what looked like a platinum card with the name Danyelle Newoman on it. "That card will be your best friend, on it you can charge anything as long as it involves food, women's clothes or other girly things or supplies, or living expenses. The best part of it is you don't have to pay for it Miss Morgan pays it all, something like a tax write off or something. I don't know the full details of it I just know she only gives it to her Legend girls. Oh that reminds me you start working tomorrow, so we have to stop there to get your uniform."

As they were walking around at the mall Dan could feel the men checking him out, and while a small dying part of him was grossed out by this; he couldn't help but be turned on by this even catching himself checking out some of them as well. Nicole noticed this and explained, "That's just the potion starting to affect your brain, by tomorrow you'll be flirting with them. I know it's weird but, after a while you'll get used to it. Besides, just look on the bright side you could've been given the cherry one then you'd be a nympho slut working over at The Black Hole Club. That's where she puts all the real nasty pigs."

"The Black Hole Club?! Wow I heard some crazy rumors about that place. I heard they like got glory holes and if you ask the right way and pay enough money some of the strippers will take to secret hidden VIP room where they just fuck you." Dan replied in shock. "It's all true. In fact those glory holes are the men that are in between transformation. You see with the cherry potion instead of going to bed and waking up to change, it needs cum to do the physical stuff, and as far as the mental changes go they only change about 5% without swallowing cum. The only the thing about the two potions that's the same is as soon as he puts on men's clothing it changes into women's clothing, but with the cherry one the clothes are sluttier." Nicole replied while following Dan into Fredrick’s of Hollywood. "Well how do they get the guys to do it?" Dan asked while looking at a pink silk camisole tank. "Well it's simple first of all they deny them any food unless they suck off enough guys for the day, after about a week at the most they give in, plus the fact that the music they hear; in their room that they're all kept in until the full transformation is done; is laced with subliminal messaging telling them it's okay to suck on the cocks that come in the holes.", replied Nicole while searching for a decent looking thong to match the navy blue bra she grabbed. "Wow I'm glad she gave me the strawberry one. Hey, how come you know so much about the cherry one anyhow?" asked Dan while paying for his new clothes. "Well, if you remember we have to give at least one man one of the potions. So I asked Miss Morgan what the cherry one does and she told me." answered Nicole paying for her new bra and thong.

When they finally got back to Nicole's house Nicole rushed into her bedroom and put on her new bra and thong. At the same time Dan slipped on his new pink silk camisole with matching pink silk thong and tap pants. When Nicole came out to show off her new outfit to Dan, she stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of him in his new outfit. The potion was definitely working on him; he was sitting there on the couch waiting for her subconsciously sitting in very girly manner. She hated to admit it but within a few days he might not find her sexy anymore, he'll be more interested in men than her. The sad thing about it was she was finding him sexier as he became Danyelle. "Hey, baby. What's wrong? You look sad." Dan asked sympathetically. Nicole went over and cuddled with Dan. "It's just that the more you change the more attracted to you I become, but I'm afraid that once you change completely you won't want me anymore." Dan kissed her on the cheek and said, "Well I can't guarantee you that I'll sleep with you every night once I change..."
"And I don't expect you to either, hell I'm still going to want to fuck men sometimes too, but I know you'll have a craving for cock when you change." Nicole interrupted. "Well that maybe but the thing is Danyelle has always been bisexual. So I still enjoy having sex with you, in fact maybe every so often we can share a guy. ... Wow that sounded weird coming from my mouth." and with that Nicole started kissing Dan very sensually. Dan picked her up and carried her to her bed.

Once they got there Nicole and Dan took off their clothes and continued. Nicole started sucking and licking Dan's small breasts turning him on like he's never been turned on before. Nicole then moved down to his smaller but still erect cock before he exploded from the intense sensations coming from his breasts which he was now rubbing and started to drink the hot sticky cum pouring out of his cock. Once he was empty, for now, she kissed him while rubbing her hands along with his on his breasts. When she kissed him she gave him a little surprise with it, his own cum, and almost as a reflex, like he'd done it many times before, he swallowed it. Strangely this turned him on even more, as he grabbed Nicole's soft supple ass as if using it as a guide for his once again erect cock and put it in her pussy. Nicole in turn grabbed his soft feminine ass and the two laid there rocking back and forth, in and out of her pussy until they both came.

Afterwards Nicole got up to take a shower. When she came back Dan was already asleep and changing. Nicole sat there and watched as her lover's breasts got bigger and bigger until they reached their final size, she sat there and watched while his short brown hair changed to blonde and even grew down just above his neck, she sat there while his face became a little softer and slightly feminine. Once she figured all the changes were done she climbed back into bed with her naked, and slight more feminine than before, lover.

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