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Friday, April 29, 2011

Madame Morgan Michelle Part 8

"What the hell is going? What's that awful noise?" Mike screamed while holding his ears.

"Someone attacked one of the guards and is trying to escape with their keys," Alexis screamed back.

Mike ran to the door see what was going on and if the person could escape. Mike watched as a man in a tight baby blue vinyl mini skirt and matching halter top holding what looked like a remote control ran barefoot to the door as best he could. When he got to the door he pressed a button on the remote control and the door opened he got about half way down the hall way and immediately froze in his tracks. Mike watched as the guy turned around dropped the remote on the floor and walked like a zombie back through the door, and into the middle of the crowd that had gathered. Miss Morgan followed him in.

"So, Jenni, you thought you could actually escape did you? Well that's too bad, you see I don't really get as much pleasure out of what I'm about to do, however I can't let this go unpunished. So first of all since I'm already in your mind I'll alter it to that of a complete slut who just loves cock in her mouth and ass and wearing sexy outfits, but don't think you’re going to get off that easy, bitch. You see while your mind will tell you enjoy it you'll know that it's all part of the spell, which is until you become an actual woman like you were supposed to be. Little by little, day by day with every drop of cum you drink you will slowly loose the male part of your mind. Sounds awful doesn't it, I can see that you can't wait to get it over with. Yes I see that slut in you wants to suck some cock right now just to lose that male part of your mind. It's just too bad that for the next week straight you'll be strapped in the punishment chair. Oh and don't worry about nourishment because the fake semen that you'll be ingesting will have all that you'll need for your new body. So enjoy having dildos in your mouth and ass for twenty four hours a day for a whole week. Oh and as a bonus you get to be the second to try the newest addition to the chair, the flesh covered gag and dildo of and the dildo actually pumps you full of real cum. You'll be orgasming like a woman in no time. Too bad it won’t count toward your changes, but at least you’ll be ready for the real thing. Take her away girls! Now let this be a lesson to anyone who thinks they can escape," she explained.

Mike heard one of the cock alarms and went over to it like nothing had happened. While "Jenny" was being dragged away "she" stared at Mike's ass and licked "her" lips.

After dinner Jackie and Mike were talking about what happened earlier.

"Hey how 'bout that guy earlier. I can't believe he thought he could escape. I mean after all why would anyone want to leave this place; you've got all the cock you can suck and a full wardrobe of really great clothes to wear," said Jackie.

"Well I guess I sort of see his point. After all when I first got here I wanted to escape too. I didn't want wear theses clothes and I especially didn't want to suck a man's cock, but now I'm starting to like it. It's almost becoming second nature to me. Like, I really look forward to getting a man inside me," Mike responded.

"Oh me too, it's a shame I have to wait three more weeks for it though. Anyway I noticed when they were taking that guy away he was checking you out," Jackie teased.

"Really? Well if he thinks I look good now just wait until he gets off the chair in a week. I'll be even sexier then," Mike proudly said.

"Well I think I'm going to get a little hot creamy dessert before I go to bed. You want to join me Mike?" Jackie tiredly asked.

"No that’s ok Jackie I've had more than my quota for the day. Maybe before breakfast tomorrow," Mike responded.

"Well then it's a date," giggled Jackie.

Mike went back to his room and took off his make-up; his pair of knee high leather boots with red, white, and blue stripes and white stars; and his red, white, and blue low cut spandex mini-dress. As he did this he was doing a strip tease for the mirror. He slipped off his thong panties wiggling his ass in the mirror. He then reached behind his back and attempted to take his bra off with one hand after three tries he gave up and unhooked it normally.

"Oh well I'll have to practice at that one," he thought to himself. He finally slipped on his red boyshort panties and a white spandex camisole, and he slipped underneath the pink satin sheets of his bed waiting in eager anticipation for the changes that will overcome him that night. When he finally fell asleep the changes started, his breasts grew to their final size of 36C his hair grew past his shoulders and became blonde.

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