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Monday, April 11, 2011

Madame Morgan Danyelle Part 4

The next morning Dan got up and quickly jumped in the shower too excited about meeting up with Mike to notice what changes happened over night. He started washing his hair when he finally noticed his it was now full and down past his shoulders and was now reddish blonde like asked for. After he finished washing his hair he started thinking about Mike. He thought about how later he was going to take Mike's enormous cock into his mouth and suck it dry. He thought about letting Mike even stick his gigantic member up his virgin ass. He could almost feel Mike's balls slamming against his soft round womanly cheeks again and again, until finally he came inside of him and he was dripping with cum. This excited Dan to the point where his little member started dripping itself. He noticed the cup from last night and filled it back up not wanting to waste any of the delicious cum, and like the night before he dank it down again.

When Dan finally got out of the shower he put on his uniform and sat down at the vanity to put on his makeup. To his delight staring back at him was the most beautiful, sexiest woman he'd ever seen. His lips were full and looked ready to suck any man's cock. His eyes were as blue as the sky with big beautiful lashes. His nose was small and slightly skinny. His cheekbones were high on his face. Even his eyebrows were thinner. He put on his lip gloss, eye shadow, and mascara, and was even more pleased. He grabbed a small black mini skirt and a sexy red silk halter top that showed off his ample breasts and put them in bag with a pair of black four inch open toed heels to change into later and left for work.

Since business was slow and everyone knew about her big date her manager let her go fifteen minutes early so he could change. When he came out of the restroom Mike was there waiting for him. When Dan walked up to Mike he was shocked that such a hot babe was interested in him that, plus the fact that she seemed so easy, meant he'd definitely get laid tonight hell maybe even a few hours from now, "Hi there sexy, so you want to get started?" Mike asked. Dan started kissing Mike uncontrollably, barely coming up for air, for about ten minutes. "Wow I'll take that as a yes let's go." before Dan could say goodbye to his coworkers. Mike grabbed him by the arm and pulled him out the door. Worried her manager quickly called Nicole and Madame Morgan to tell them what she just saw.

When they got in the car Dan quickly unzipped Mike's jeans and pulled out his massive erection and stuck it in his mouth. Dan started bobbing his head up and down sticking Mike's entire cock down his throat even licking Mike's sweat covered balls with his tongue when he got down to them. While Dan was giving him head Mike carefully drove to his motel. Halfway there Mike's cock exploded pumping hot sticky cum down Dan's throat while Dan happily and greedily swallowed it down. When Dan had suck and licked the last drop of cum out he put it away and stated, "I hope you don't mind but tonight I'd rather just be fucked in the ass. If you're good enough maybe tomorrow I'll let you fuck my pussy." "Yeah sure what ever." said Mike knowing full well that he was going to fuck her pussy tonight whether she liked it or not.

Nicole had a feeling that Mike was a pig, so she waited for Mike and Dan to come out of the bar. A few minutes later she saw Mike dragging a sexy looking blonde wearing the outfit Dan had bought the night before on the way home from the bar, that had to be him. Not long after they got in the car. Nicole's cell phone started to ring, "Hello .... Yeah Kate I'm actually outside right now watching them. ... Don't worry I plan on following them to make sure everything goes smooth ... No that's what I'm afraid of if Mike sees that he's going to flip out and probably try to kill Dan before he even gets a chance to fully become Danyelle. ... Ok tell her I'll call her when they stop. Thanks. Bye."

When Mike and Dan finally reach the motel Dan asks, "So which one's ours?" "Wow you're really horny! Usually I have take a girl out to dinner to get her in bed." said Mike. "Oh well I was hoping we'd go afterwards you know work up an appetite first." said Dan as Mike opened the door and walked in the room not even waiting for Dan. When Dan walked in he saw something that immediately drew his attention. Dan closed the door and rushed past Mike and grabbed a chair. "Here sit down I'm going to give you a lap dance." Mike sat down on the chair as Dan turned on the radio. As the music played Dan danced around and slowly took off his top he swung it around playfully and threw it across the room. He then slowly and playfully dropped his skirt. Wearing nothing but his pink silk camisole and matching thong he sauntered over to Mike and started grinding his ass on right in Mike's crotch. After he felt Mike's cock getting even harder Dan got up and took off his bra. Dan grabbed his tits and started licking his nipples while looking right at Mike. He walked right over to Mike and sat on his lap while rubbing his tits in Mike's face. Mike had, had enough. He grabbed Dan and threw him on the bed. Mike practically ripped off his own clothes. He went to grab Dan's thong, but Dan quickly backed away and said, "That's okay I'll just pull them aside." as he carefully pulled aside his thong to reveal where he wanted Mike to put his massive cock. Mike begrudgingly rammed his massive organ into Dan's tight virgin ass. Dan moaned with pleasure as Mike continually rammed him. Mike noticed the front of Dan's panties were getting wet, "Oh you like that you little freak do you. Well you're really going to love this." All of the sudden Mike pulled out of Dan's ass and flipped him onto his back. Dan tried to stop him from pulling down his panties and revealing his little secret but Mike was to strong and ripped them off. Infuriated at what he saw Mike grabbed Dan's tiny member and began to squeeze his balls tighter and tighter. Dan screamed for help before Mike knocked him unconscious.

When Dan woke up he was surprised to see that he was completely dressed. As he opened his eyes he saw Nicole and Madame Morgan standing over a tied up Mike. "What happened? The last thing I remember was that asshole trying to take advantage of me. I told him I didn't want to be fucked in the pussy tonight, but he tried to anyhow and ripped my new thong. When he saw I didn't have one he freaked out and beat the shit out of me until I passed out."

"Well Danyelle you're lucky that Nicole here cares about you. She felt she couldn't trust Mike, but was afraid to tell you so she followed the two of you here and just waited outside listening hoping she was wrong. I had just arrived when she burst in the door. He was about to stab you when I froze him. Then we tied him to the chair and waited for you to wake up." explained Madame Morgan. "Wow thank you so much both of you. How can I repay you?" asked Dan. "Well you can force this down his throat." Madame Morgan handed Dan a cherry potion. "Just let me know when you're ready and I'll unfreeze him." Dan nodded, "Oh I'm ready."

Madame Morgan snapped her fingers and Mike came alive. "What the hell is going on here? One minute I'm about to cut that freak of nature up and the next I'm tied to a chair.” screamed Mike. "Oh so now I'm a freak? That's interesting because you seemed to really like fucking me a couple of hours ago. You really like it when I gave you that lap dance huh, and you really seemed to enjoy holding my cock. Well don't worry cause where you're going you're going to get a lot of cock, and you'll enjoy quite a few lap dances too only thing is you'll be the one giving them. In just a matter of weeks you'll be a cocksucking slut, just waving you big titties around at all the guys. Hoping that one of them will fuck you, and I'm not just talking about in your ass; which I'm sure you'll enjoy too; I'm talking about getting fucked in your very own pussy. Tonight you want pussy so bad that you tried to rape me. Well Mike soon you're going to have your very own pussy. Oh I'm sorry I forgot you're name isn't Mike anymore it's Michele, or at least it will be once I pour this down your throat.” Dan furiously explained. Before Mike could say a word Nicole and Madame Morgan held open his mouth while Dan poured the cherry, Kool-Aid looking, potion down his throat, and to make sure he swallowed it Nicole held Mike's nose while Madame Morgan held his mouth shut until he swallowed it down. Nicole and Madame Morgan let go, and Mike yelled out, "Oh darn it looks like your little potion didn't work because I'm still a guy and I still don't want any cock. You stupid whores, just wait until you let me go I'll go to the cops and tell them all about this, and I know you're going to let me go because people are going to be looking for me."

Madame Morgan had enough, "You listen up. First off the potion we gave you doesn't take effect right away, that only happens in movies and stories on the internet. Secondly the potion you drank it needs cum to physically change, as far as the mental changes go they only change about 5% without swallowing cum and increase with every guy you suck off, and if your thinking you just won't do it keep in mind that we will deny you any food or water unless you suck off enough guys for the day, after about a week at the most you'll give in. Oh and one other thing if you do happen to escape as soon as you put any men's clothing it changes into women's clothing although really slutty clothes at that. Just think all of this could have been avoided too if you'd just respected Danyelle's wishes." With that she froze him again and took him to her car, "Listen, Danyelle if you ever need help again don't be afraid to call me. As far as work goes if you want it you can have the next week off. Oh and by the way this counts as the one transformation you needed to fulfill our deal, but feel free to change other deserving men as well. Nicole normally I frown on two of my girls being lovers but, you and Danyelle have my blessing." with that Madame Morgan got into her car and drove off.

A few weeks later Danyelle, who the very next day had become one hundred percent woman, had officially moved out of her parent's house and in with Nicole. They turned out to be the two best waitresses in the place, bringing in more and more customers prompting Madame Morgan to make plans to expand the place. One night when Nicole and Danyelle got home after work Nicole went straight to the bathroom carrying her purse with her. Twenty minutes later she ran out of the bathroom screaming with joy. Danyelle ran to see what was going on, "What's wrong is everything okay?" "Yes everything's wonderful. I'm just so happy. I just took one of those pregnancy tests and it said I am pregnant. I'm going to be a mother." Nicole exclaimed happily. "That is great news. Well let me be the first to say congratulations. So, when are you going to tell the father? And for that matter who is he?" asked Danyelle. Nicole looked at Danyelle and said, "Well technically the father is in a way dead. You see the father is you or should I say Dan." Danyelle's jaw dropped for a second then she just smiled.


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