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Monday, April 18, 2011

Madame Morgan Michelle Part 3

"I saw you at breakfast earlier, how you doing?" asked Paul in such a sexy voice that Mike instantly got hard.

"Um okay I guess. I'm still kinda shaken up by the whole thing," he responded while washing his body with the liquid soap that was provided.

"Yeah, I understand, I actually ended up in the chair with that stuff in me twice. After the first time I was really confused because as much as I hated to admit it I did like that feeling. I enjoyed all that hot steamy liquid flowing down my throat it actually tasted pretty good, but I said to myself I'm a man and I shouldn't feel that way. Over the next week or so I kept questioning myself. If I am a man why did having a cock squirting down my throat feel so good, and if I did really enjoy it then I can't be much of a man.

"Then one night at dinner I was thinking so hard about it I wasn't paying attention and didn't hear them call my name, so they strapped the gag on me again but this time it was bigger and it was covered with a material that felt like a real skin. The butt plug was the same as the gag, and was vibrating even harder. I didn't even make through the main course I was enjoying the feeling of that but plug inside of me so much that instead of accidentally sucking the gag trying to get it out I was sucking on it for the pleasure of having that liquid pour down my throat.

"That night I decided to just give in, I mustn't be much of a man if I truly enjoyed that. After my first real cock I realized that real cum tastes much better anyhow, and sucked like ten before I started to get tired and went to bed. That was only three and a half weeks ago, but I'm glad I made that decision and now in just a few days I'll be beautiful sexy Paula," Paul told him.

While Mike listened to Paul's story he didn't notice that the soap he was using was taking off all his body hair. When Paul was done talking Mike noticed his body was now smooth and hairless.

Paul saw the troubled look on Mike's face and said, "Don't worry about it, it'll help you fit in better and your clothes will feel much better too. Besides I think it makes you look sexy."

Paul looked down at Mike's hard cock. "Would you mind if I sucked you off. I just can't help myself anymore, and your cock looks so tasty."

Paul dropped to his knees and started sucking on Mike's cock. Mike is confused. He's overcome by pleasure, but this woman sucking his dick has one of her own. Before he knew it Mike started cumming in Paul's mouth down his throat. When Mike was drained Paul got up and gave Mike a deep wet French kiss, transferring a little bit of leftover cum into Mike's mouth. Mike swallowed some of it and pulled away from Paul.

"What was that? I've kissed many women; they've never tasted like that?"
Mike asked.

"Why? Did you like it?" Paul asked teasingly.

"Well it kinda tasted good, a little salty though. Why?" admitted Mike.
Mike's new dress

"I gave you a snowball. I basically gave you a taste of your own cum," he confessed as he walked away.

Mike felt really confused as dried himself off. He put on the pair of boxer shorts he found and watched in the mirror as they changed into a pink thong. He put on the cutoff jogging pants and stared blankly as the legs fused together. He watched as the cotton changed into tight black vinyl and, as the tube of material snuck up his legs stopping about an inch from his ass forming a miniskirt, he gazed upon his smooth legs. As he put on a new tee shirt he just stared into space watching as the cotton changed into tight black vinyl while the shirt shrunk dramatically up his torso stopping just below his pecks, part of the back of it started to split and shrink leaving a three inch strip of vinyl around his back and neck, and the as sleeves stopped about two inches from his neck becoming a halter top, not even freaking out like he did this morning.

Mike's new boot
He put on pair of old sneakers and just stared in the mirror as the sneakers changed into a pair of black vinyl knee high boots with a six inch heel. As he stood there in the mirror staring at himself thinking about of this outfit he was now wearing on his smooth hairless body did feel pretty good, and he did look good in it too. Maybe Paul was right.

Realizing what he just thought he started walking back to his room to think when he saw Brian, on his knees sucking off one of the cocks coming in the glory holes. Mike stood there and watched as the one man who was completely against all this, the one man he felt he could talk to about everything that had happened this morning was kneeling there giving more than just another man head but giving in, giving up his manhood, and beginning his feminization. Mike ran to his room even more confused and scared than before.

As lunch time came around he saw Brian and confronted him, "What the hell happened to you today. I thought you weren't going to give in to the pressure. I saw you earlier on your knees sucking some guy's dick. So what's your excuse, huh?" Mike asked as he put his hands on his hips almost instinctively.

"It's this place after a while it gets to you it’s been over a month I’ve gone without eating real food and I just couldn't take it my stomach is in so much pain because I haven't eaten, so I forced myself to give in. After the first one a voice in my head convinced me that it's not so bad, and it really did feel pretty good. Hell I even got a hard on myself the minute that cock touched the back of my throat, and when his juices started pouring down my throat, it felt so great, so amazing, and so tasty I just couldn't control myself and made a nice big wet spot in my panties." Brian confessed.

"Just get away from me right now you, you fagot," Mike yelled as ran the other way.

During lunch Mike sat there and watched as everyone including one of his former coconspirators ate lunch while he was shackled to the chair. He started thinking about everything that happened and what everyone said today, "Everyone sounded so convincing, that brunette said her life was pretty good and being a woman was like twenty times better than being a man, Paul said it was better tasting than the stuff that came out of the gag; and that stuff tasted pretty good; plus he's looking forward to becoming Paula, and Brian even said it felt good and enjoyed it. Wait am I seriously thinking about sucking a cock? No, I'm a man; even if these clothes do feel good on my smooth hairless skin although this outfit would look a lot better if my ass was rounder and more shapely and if my hips were wider this skirt would look killer, and my halter top would be so much better if I had some breasts filling it up. The guys would just love to fuck me. Wait, no I don't want to be a man I want to be a sexy woman. I mean I want to be a man not a sexy woman don't I? Oh I'm so confused. This is killing me, and my stomach is really starting to hurt. Oh God I wish I would have listened to that girl the other day, then by now I'd be with a beautiful sexy woman instead of becoming one."

He sat thinking there until lunch was over, and he was released. Dinner went the same way.

Mike decided to get ready for bed. He looked in the drawers and decided to give up on trying putting on men's clothes at least this way he had control over what he was wearing. He found a pink satin front lace corset and decided he didn't look too bad in that one he had on earlier so he put it on and laced it as tight as he could. As he was looking through the panty drawer he saw two kinds of panties thongs and G strings, and since he felt a thong would give him more coverage down below. He chose a pink one that happened to match his corset, as he put on the thong, without thinking he tucked his penis underneath him. He also found a pair of pink satin booty shorts and put them on. As he went to bed he paused in front of the mirror looking at his reflection even feeling his flat crotch. Then he realized what he was doing and quickly went to bed.

To be continued in Part 4 on Wednesday

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