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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Madame Morgan Michelle Part 4

The next morning Mike got up a little early and put on a red silk strapless corset and matching garter belt and thong after he rolled his stockings up his legs he paused and admired the image in the mirror.

Mike's dress
"What a sexy woman I'll make," he thought before quickly realizing what he'd said. "Wait what am I saying, I don't want to be a woman, and I definitely won't suck any cocks I don't care if I starve to death."

He then put on a red spandex spaghetti strap mini dress. When he finished he started walking around, he saw Brian who now had a shapely round feminine ass and a pair of wide womanly hips and decided to apologize.

"Hey man I'm sorry about yesterday. I was going through a lot and I just blew up."

"That's ok, I understand, apology accepted. So, what do you think, isn't my ass just great?" said Brian.

Just then the alarm went off indicating a cock was coming in the nearby hole.

"If you'll excuse me, I think I'll get that," Brian said as he went over to it and started sucking on the cock.

Mike started to walk away when another cock came in to another hole. He tried to ignore it, but something inside him said go for it. He started to walk way but he was drawn to the cock. He turned around and again started walking away but his stomach started growling. He turned and saw the cock was starting to pull out of the hole. He quickly grabbed it and dropped to his knees, and started sucking on it. The cock slid in and out of his mouth hitting the back of his throat. The more he pleasured the man the harder Mike got until the cock exploded in his mouth. Mike sucked and sucked until he swallowed every last drop of cum. When the man's now limp cock pulled out of the hole, Mike kneeled there. He was in shock just a few days ago he was a straight man getting his cock sucked by a beautiful sexy woman, and now he was kneeling behind a glory hole wearing women's lingerie and licking his lips for any stray cum he may have missed, waiting for another cock to suck on after just sucking on one.

By the time breakfast came around he had given seven men head, and while a small but growing part of him enjoyed it, he was disgusted by it. He thought to himself, 'The only reason I did it was so I can eat. So what if when I wake up tomorrow morning I'll have a sexy round beautiful feminine ass and wide womanly hips that will fill out my new wardrobe nicely. Uh! No I don't care about that I don't even want to become a woman, and the only reason I'm wearing these clothes is I don't have a choice; right? I mean I did choose to wear this outfit this morning, but even if I did put on men's clothes they would've changed anyhow, although, these clothes do feel much better and softer than men's clothes.'

On his way to breakfast he ran into Jack who now looked more like a Jackie. His ass was still womanly and sexy and barley covered by silky plaid skirt, but the rest of him had changed dramatically. His small breasts maybe AA size breasts were now like about 30 D size and were covered by a white silk shirt tied just below his breasts, even his face had changed slightly to that of a woman and has he looked closer he could tell he had on a little lipstick and eye make-up, Jack even had blonde and a black ribbon ties in it.

"Hi there, Mike isn't it, so how's it been? As you can see I've changed a little since we first met a few days ago," Jack said.

"Yeah it's Mike, at least for now I think. Yeah, I noticed, you look pretty sexy almost like early Britney Spears in that outfit. I've been okay I guess. I've been a little confused lately; after all I guess that's to be expected after my first day. Sitting in that chair at breakfast with all those tubes in me, just was too much I think. I mean I hate to admit it but it felt really good when that liquid spayed in my mouth, and I think I liked having that thing in my ass and when it sprayed that stuff in my ass I just lost control and came in my panties so much it left a puddle in the chair," Mike confessed.

"Wow, that was you in the chair yesterday! I feel for you. I sat and watched Alex when he got strapped in with the gags. I'm surprised you didn't break then and start sucking before lunch. Alex did and from what he said it felt so great, and wasn't as bad as he thought. The next day Alex helped me realize what I had to do, I was in so much pain because I hadn't eaten for days. Alex saw that and explained to me that if it was the only way they were going to let me eat then I really had no choice I had to do it, besides after the first one there's no going back."

Just then Brian came to join them. "Hi Jack, you're looking beautiful and sexy today. So what happened to you earlier Mike? When I finished that guy up you were gone."

Mike looked down at the floor in shame and explained, "I started to go back to my room when another cock came through one of the holes. I tried hard to resist it but, after yesterday's breakfast, talking to Paul about it, seeing you break, and even that brunette security woman told me it wasn't that big of a deal to give in. I had all of that going through my head confusing me plus my stomach started growling. So, before he gave up, I ... I ... I grabbed his dick and put it in my mouth and started sucking on it. Then I sucked off six more men, the worst part of it all was it did feel good and the cum even was great tasting." Mike ran off to the breakfast table in tears.

Part 5 will be here on Friday

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