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Friday, April 15, 2011

Madame Morgan Michelle Part 2

That night while Mike was sleeping his white cotton wife beater changed into a red satin corset and tightened itself almost to the point where Mike couldn't breathe, his boxers became a red thong, and his socks became thin black stocking and snaked their way up his legs just past his knees and hooked onto the garters hanging from the corset.

Mike's new dress
When Mike woke up the next morning he was shocked to see what he was wearing. He quickly put on his jeans from the night before, almost instantly the blue denim changed into red satin, the legs fused together almost causing Mike to trip, then the tube of material that now encased his legs crept up his legs and stopping just below his ass. He then put on his tee shirt and it too changed, the black cotton shirt changed to red satin, the sleeves shrank up his arms, the bottom fused with the skirt, the front of it opened up and split open to either side of his pecks. Finally he put on his tennis shoes which became red leather ankle boots with a four inch spike heel.

'Just great, now I look even more like a fag,' he thought as he gave up and walked out of his room and explored the rest of the place.

Brian saw Mike in the dining room and went over to him, "Whoa they really got you good."

"Yeah tell me about I can hardly breathe in this thing, and these damn boots are hard to walk in and make me wiggle my ass like a fucking woman."

Just then the door opened up and five beautiful women walk in carrying food to the table. One of the women, a blonde, wearing a tight silk blue low cut mini dress with a belt holding many different pouches of various size on it and handcuffs comes up to them.

"Michele and Briana come with me," she said speaking to Mike and Brian.

Security Officer
Mike just stood there with his arms folded.

"Michele, I said come with me or else."

Mike didn't budge.

"Listen you little bitch, you're going to learn when one of us tells you to do something you do it."

Mike just stood there and gave her a dirty look. "The name is make Mike, you slut, not Michelle; and I'll move when I want to. There's nothing you can do otherwise you fucking whore," he said.

"Oh that does it I'm going to enjoy this," she says as she quickly opens one pouch and takes out a tazer gun. Two more women unexpectedly grab Mike from behind and handcuff him. The blonde lifts up Mike's skirt, pulls down his thong and she gives him a jolt right on his balls until he passes out.

Meal Time Chair
For The Bad "Girls"
When Mike wakes up he's sitting at the food table strapped in to a chair with a pair of speakers by his head. As he comes to he notices that he has something in his mouth upon further inspection with his tongue he realizes it's a dildo the more he tries to push it out the more it resists. He also notices something inside his ass vibrating away. He looks across the table and Brian is also strapped to a similar chair but without a gag.

"I forgot to warn you about them, if you don't do as the security force says they punish you as you probably noticed you've got a dildo gag in your mouth and a vibrating but plug in your ass, but what you can't see is the tubes going into them. After a couple of sucks, which you end up doing uncontrollably after a while, a warm salty white liquid sprays down your throat and into your ass. The worst part is all the vibrations in your ass make you cum in your panties and this happens about the same time that water enters your mouth making you feel good at the same time. All this happens while you watch everyone else eat. Oh and the speakers are blaring some sort of techno music for us to listen to which is pretty cool. I think everyone has a different one but I'm not sure," Brian explained as he watched helplessly as everyone around him ate the fresh smelling, mouth watering food.

Mike continued to struggle with the gag pushing it with his tongue and trying hard not to cum but the more he struggled the harder the vibrations became until finally he felt the hot salty liquid pour down his throat and into his ass, and like Brian had said almost immediately after the liquid started pouring down his throat he lost control and came in his panties.

After breakfast the women came back to unlock those men who hadn't eaten. When they came to Mike they started laughing.

"Oh it looks like you really liked sucking that dick Michelle, you emptied this bucket and it was full," said the blonde from earlier showing him the empty five gallon bucket.

"Yeah your panties got so wet that it soaked through your pretty dress and now you're sitting in a puddle of your own juices. All after sucking on a fake cock," said a red head after taking the gag out of his mouth.

"Now just imagine how good you'd feel after sucking on a real one, I know I do. Plus then you actually get to eat," said a brunette.

Mike tried to speak but, the brunette put her fingers to his mouth and said, "Shh no need to answer just think about it, and go for it. I only needed to be strapped in that chair once with everything in me, and I enjoyed it so much by lunch time I had already sucked ten. Unfortunately I didn't change any quicker, but look at me now just a month ago I was in your shoes. Now, since I was such a good girl and even broke the daily cock sucking record back here, I'm the head of the security force and, you know what being a woman is twenty times better than being a man. Just think of that while you wander around out there. Now go change your clothes and take a shower."

Mike quickly got up and walked embarrassed by what had happened and what the women said and went to his room. Mike grabbed some clothes and went to the shower room. When he got there the shower room looked like it belonged in a prison with shower heads along the walls and above the partition in the middle of the room. He saw there was an empty shower next to Paul and decided to go over to him.

What will happen now as a confused Mike is forced to take a shower with the sexy shemale Paula also taking one? Come back Monday morning to find out in Part 3.

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