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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Madame Morgan Michelle: A Cherry Girl story Part 1


When Mike and Danyelle finally reach the motel Danyelle asks, "So which one's ours?"

"Wow you're really horny! Usually I have to take a girl out to dinner to get her in bed," said Mike.

"Oh well I was hoping we'd go afterwards you know work up an appetite first," said Danyelle as Mike opened the door and walked in the room not even waiting for Danyelle.

When Danyelle walked in she saw something that immediately drew his attention. Danyelle closed the door and rushed past Mike and grabbed a chair.

"Here sit down I'm going to give you a lap dance."

Mike sat down on the chair as Danyelle turned on the radio. As the music played Danyelle danced around and slowly took off her top she swung it around playfully and threw it across the room. She then slowly and playfully dropped her skirt. Wearing nothing but her pink silk camisole and matching thong he sauntered over to Mike and started grinding her ass on right in Mike's crotch.

After she felt Mike's cock getting even harder Danyelle got up and took off her bra. Danyelle grabbed her tits and started licking her nipples while looking right at Mike. She walked right over to Mike and sat on his lap while rubbing her tits in Mike's face. Mike had, had enough. He grabbed Danyelle and threw him on the bed. Mike practically ripped off his own clothes.

He went to grab Danyelle's thong, but she quickly backed away and said, "That's okay I'll just pull them aside."

As she carefully pulled aside her thong to reveal where she wanted Mike to put his massive cock. Mike begrudgingly rammed his massive organ into Danyelle's tight virgin ass. Danyelle moaned with pleasure as Mike continually rammed her. Mike noticed the front of Danyelle's panties were getting wet, "Oh you like that you little freak do you. Well you're really going to love this."

All of the sudden Mike pulled out of Danyelle's ass and flipped her onto her back. Danyelle tried to stop him from pulling down her panties but Mike was to strong and ripped them off, revealing Danyelle's small cock. Infuriated at what he saw Mike grabbed Danyelle's tiny member and began to squeeze her balls tighter and tighter. Danyelle screamed for help before Mike knocked her unconscious. Mike got up walked over to his jeans and grabbed a knife from his pocket. He walked over to Danyelle.

"So you little fagot you want to be a woman? Well let me help you with that." As he was about to stab her the door burst open, and two women were standing there. Before he could do anything else he blacked out.

Madame Morgan snapped her fingers and Mike came alive.

"What the hell is going on here? One minute I'm about to cut that freak of nature up and the next I'm tied to a chair," screamed Mike.

"Oh so now I'm a freak? That's interesting because you seemed to really like fucking me a couple of hours ago. You really like it when I gave you that lap dance huh, and you really seemed to enjoy holding my cock. Well don't worry cause where you're going you're going to get a lot of cock, and you'll enjoy quite a few lap dances too, only thing is you'll be the one giving them. In just a matter of weeks you'll be a cock sucking slut, just waving you big titties around at all the guys. Hoping that one of them will fuck you, and I'm not just talking about in your ass; which I'm sure you'll enjoy too; I'm talking about getting fucked in your very own pussy. Tonight you want pussy so bad that you tried to rape me. Well Mike, soon you're going to have your very own pussy. Oh I'm sorry I forgot you're name isn't Mike anymore it's Michele, or at least it will be once I pour this down your throat," Danyelle furiously explained.

Before Mike could say a word Nicole and Madame Morgan held open his mouth while Danyelle poured the cherry, Kool-Aid looking, potion down his throat, and to make sure he swallowed it Nicole held Mike's nose while Madame Morgan held his mouth shut until he swallowed it down. Nicole and Madame Morgan let go, and Mike yelled out, "Oh dam it looks like your little potion didn't work because I'm still a guy and I still don't want any cock. You stupid whores, just wait until you let me go I'll go to the cops and tell them all about this, and I know you're going to let me go because people are going to be looking for me."

Madame Morgan had enough, "You listen up. First off the potion we gave you doesn't take effect right away that only happens in movies and stories. Secondly the potion you drank, it needs cum to physically change, as far as the mental changes go they only change about 5% without swallowing cum and increase with every guy you suck off, and if your thinking you just won't do it keep in mind that we will deny you any food or water unless you suck off enough guys for the day, after about a week at the most you'll give in. Oh and one other thing if you do happen to escape as soon as you put any men's clothing it changes into women's clothing although really slutty clothes at that. Just think all of this could have been avoided too if you'd just respected Danyelle's wishes." With that she froze him again and took him to her car.

Madame Morgan
A black Cadillac Escalade with tinted windows pulls up to the back entrance of The Black Hole Club strip club. A beautiful woman with long blonde hair, sexy blue eyes, and full red lips wearing a tight  black leather dress with the sides cut out, and black leather armbands with black patent leather knee high boots with a two inch heel got out and walked around the other side of the vehicle to the passenger side. As she opens the door a man stumbles out and stiffly walks behind the woman through the open back door.

A sexy woman comes up to them, "Madame Morgan I see you've brought us another victim, and a cute one too. What a waste. Why is it that guys just can't learn no means no?"

"I don't know Chloe, but don't forget five years ago you raped your girlfriend after beating her almost to death," reminded Madame Morgan.

"Yuck! Please don't remind me. It's hard to remember a time when I even liked women that way. Let alone being a man. I'm happy you changed me. Thank you," said Cloe.

"Oh it's no problem. You know I think you’re the first cherry girl ever to tell me that. Now would be so kind as to open the door to the Hole Room for Michele here," Madame Morgan commanded.

As Cloe opened the door the light from the hallway shone inside the dimly lit room showing men in all states of transformation and some even sucking on various cocks coming in the holes.

Madame Morgan snapped her fingers and the man that was lumbering behind her comes to his senses. Madame Morgan pushes him inside the room and locks the door.

The man quickly gets up and pounds on the door, "Let me out of here you psycho bitches. Let me out the cops are going to be looking for me just you wait."

Another man wearing a tight short black vinyl skirt,  and a black vinyl zipper jacket walks over to him.

"You might as well stop, that door is sound proof, besides they wouldn’t let you out even if they did hear you."

The guy pounding on the door turns around and says, "Like I'm going to listen to you fagot. You go play dress up with all your other fagot friends."

"Well first of all I'm not like these other guys in here. The only reason I'm wearing these clothes is the fact that this is what my clothes changed into when I out them on this morning, and I'm not about to go around naked with all these fags around here just itching to suck cocks. By the way the name's Brian, and yours?" Brian stated as he stuck out his hand.

"Mike, and normally I'd think you’re crazy, but after the night I've had anything's possible," said Mike as he shook Brian's hand.

Brian started showing Mike around the place while explaining to him what's going on. "You see when you drank that stuff they gave you it sealed your fate. You see that chemical changes your body chemistry, and could change you if you give in. The want you to suck off at least five men, who put their dicks into those holes, the first time around and after you do you become like Jake here."

Brian points to a man who has a perfectly round and womanly ass covered by a pair of tight silky white pants that are so tight you can see his slightly big bulge hiding in what looks like a red G-string, a smooth womanly stomach, wide hips and very small but noticeable breasts being contained by a shimmery white silky low cut halter top.

"Jake here couldn't take the pressure any more could you Jake?" Brian said mockingly.

"Yeah well let's see you go five days watching everyone eat while you sit there being denied food chained up listening to the voice in your head saying 'It's okay if you suck on the cocks sticking in the holes, if it means you can eat. A man's gotta eat. A woman's gotta eat. A man's gotta eat.  A woman's gotta eat.’ over and over while everyone eats in front of you. Let's see you do it without breaking."

Just then a right light comes on Jake looks at the cock sticking in the hole and sits there debating on whether or not he should go after it. Just when it starts to pull out of the hole Jake grabs it and says, "A woman's gotta eat," before taking the cock in his mouth. Disgusted Brian and Mike turn around and walk away.

"Oh God that was nasty," said Mike.

"Well unfortunately that's just the beginning after you suck five guys dicks that happens to you, but after that it gets worse. The next step is fifteen, and when you do suck fifteen more you end up looking like Alex here."

Brian points to a man, who is just finishing up giving another man a blowjob, this one has long brown hair, and is wearing a skin tight gold lamé dress that comes down just above his knees; and like the last guy Alex has a nice shapely womanly ass and flat stomach but he has huge breasts Mike guesses them to be about 40 DD.

Alex turns to them licking whatever remaining cum he might have missed off his lips, "Hey there new guy so what they get you for? Before they caught me last week I was going around the campus taking hot college babes and raping them I think I got about twenty or so in less than a month. I really loved the ones with the big tits. Too bad the last one tricked me and ganged up on me with Madame Morgan, the lady who brought you in here and owns this place. Now I'm the one with the big tits and sucking dicks."

Mike is disgusted of the thought that Alex was just like him only a week ago, or so he says, and now he looks like that, responded, "I was banging this hot looking slut that worked at that bar The Legend, and after fucking her in the ass a little I decided I wanted a little pussy so I ripped off her panties and found out she had a dick. So I grabbed it by its balls and squeezed them hard while I beat the shit out of it. Then I grabbed my pocket knife and went to stab it. Next thing I know I'm tied up to a chair and it's standing over me with this bottle of something and saying all kinds of nonsense about waving my big titties around and giving guys lap dances. Then that bitch that brought me here and this other babe held my mouth open while the slut poured this cherry tasting shit down my throat. After that the bitch went on and on about my clothes changing into women's clothes and me sucking cock. Then I wake up here."  Mike just walked away Brian ran to catch up.

"Boy did you mess up. That girl was one of Madame Morgan's strawberry girls. You see that bitch that brought you in here calls herself Madame Morgan and she changes men into women one of two ways she either gives them a cherry potion like we drank or a strawberry one. The men who drink the strawberry one end up working at that bar and are her favorites. The ones who drink the cherry one usually end up becoming strippers here. As far as I can tell your crime is what determines the potion you're given red means something violent or just plain wrong, pink is for cheaters." explained Brian.

They come upon a beautiful blonde with hazel eyes and a perfect body wearing a shimmering Crystal Camo outfit with a V-Back Spaghetti Strap Top & Mini Skirt with sexy waistline cut-outs. Mike couldn't take his eyes off of her.

"That's Paul. You see after you get to the stage where Alex is at if you want to eat you have to suck at least twenty cocks a day for about two weeks then you get to where Paul is. After that they up it to forty a day for two weeks, after that your cock becomes a pussy and your brain makes you think 100% like a hot sexy horny woman, then they take you out there to work, willingly dancing for the men and even fucking and sucking them for money." explained Brian.

"Wow ok this is a little much for one night. Where are we supposed to sleep in this hell hole?" asked Mike.

"Well about that, the good news is we each have our own separate bedroom, since every day at least one guy completely changes and leaves us there's always at least one open room. The bad news is they're all extremely feminine," Brian answered.

They come upon an empty bedroom and Mike opens the door. When he steps in he's overwhelmed by it all. The bed has hot pink satin sheets with hot pink pillow cases and a canopy with hot pink silk draped around it. The floor is covered in hot pink carpet. The dresser had a bunch of different make ups on it. The closet doors were just mirrors with hot pink handles. The walls, though, were the worst; every wall had at least two posters of naked men glued to it.

"Oh God I think I'm going to be sick!" exclaimed Mike.

Brian walks in behind him, "I think this was Carlos's room before he became Carmen last night. I think there are still some men's clothes in the closet and drawers, but after you wake up tomorrow it'll be pointless."

"Wait a minute, why would they give us men's clothes if they want us to be women?" Mike asked.

"I think they get a kick out of watching us freak out when the clothes change into basically what you'd see a stripper wear. They have cameras all over the place some hidden, some in plain sight, and every one of those glory holes has a camera that goes off as soon as someone sticks there head in front of the hole. That's how they check up on us." explained Brian.

"As if it weren't bad enough that they're trying change us into women, but their try to make us sluts too? This is hell. Listen I've had enough for one night I'm going to go to bed. Thanks for everything," Mike said.

Brian left and closed the door behind him. Mike took off his jeans and T- shirt, leaving on only his socks, boxers, and wife beater; crawled into the bed and fell asleep.

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