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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Madame Morgan Michelle Part 7

That night while Mike was sleeping the changes started. His flat manly ass started to inflate like a balloon until it was nice and perfectly round,  his stomach flattened out until it was 24 inches around, the bones in his hips cracked and spread out until he had a 34 inch hips. His chest started to swell only slightly though giving him about 36 A size breasts.

Michelle's Dress
The next morning when Mike woke up he examined his new body before getting dressed. "Not too bad I guess. After all if I am going to become a woman I better have a nice body, how else am I going to make money as an exotic dancer," he thought, as he put on his black satin boyshorts.

He then slipped into a black with turquoise accents halter spandex mini-dress with a hole cut out to show his newly flat and feminine stomach. As he was doing his make-up he realized what he had just said, and a tear came to his eye. Out of almost pure instinct he quickly dried his eye before his mascara could run. He sighed out of depression knowing that he's starting to lose the battle in his mind, knowing that Michelle and whoever Madame Morgan wanted her to be was starting to take over.

When he finished his makeup he put on a pair of black and turquoise thigh high vinyl boots with and he left his room to start on his new daily goal of twenty cocks a day. As he was on his way to the Glory room he ran into Briana, who was wearing a pink tank dress.

"Wow you're looking good today, Mike. If I still liked women I'd be all over you right now," Briana said proudly.

"Thank you Briana that means so much to me, I think. Oh who am I kidding I'm so confused right now I don't know what I think anymore," Mike confessed.

Briana giggled, "Oh don't you worry about it once you get a little cum in you you'll feel much better."

Mike just looked at Briana, who just a few days ago was Brian, just thinking about how Brian would never have wanted to suck another man's cock, and now he's Briana suggesting that Mike go and suck some guy's cock. Even worse is the fact that he actually wants to. It's almost as if his mouth feels empty.

"You know what I could do for a nice juicy cock before breakfast," Mike stated as they walked into the Glory room.

Mike went over to the first cock he saw. He wrapped his now smaller fingers around it and started stroking it with one hand and cupped the balls in the other until he saw some precum drip out. He wrapped his tongue around the head of the cock and lick the drops of precum off. After the precum was gone he put the cock deep into his throat and proceeded to go back and forth sucking the cock dry.

While he was doing this he could feel his nipples starting to get hard. He started rubbing them and the cock was going in and out of his mouth faster and faster. Until finally it exploded in Mike's mouth. Mike let out a loud girly moan and came while drinking every last drop of cum that dripped out of the cock in his mouth. When he was done he licked his lips for any remaining cum, went into his little purse, grabbed his compact and tube of lip gloss, and fixed his make-up before going to breakfast.

After breakfast Mike saw Briana, Jackie, and Alexis sitting in the Glory room.

"Wow, Briana, you were right. Right before breakfast I was feeling really confused about everything, but I took your advice and suck a nice juicy cock before eating breakfast and then at breakfast the music coming out of the speakers in the headrest of my chair was really soothing. Hell I'm ready to suck twenty cocks now," he said.

"That's the spirit now. I'm glad to hear you've finally come to your senses. After all it's hopeless to resist the urge to suck cock now that you've started the changes physically," Briana responds cheerfully.

Just then another alarm went off, one Mike hadn't heard yet.

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