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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Madame Morgan Danyelle Part 3

As Dan woke up the next morning, he surprisingly didn't notice the changes that had taken place the night before. He stepped into the shower and immediately noticed his now much bigger and fuller breasts.

He grabbed Nicole's loofa sponge and started to lather himself up spending extra time on his new breasts. As he was doing this he started thinking about all the cute guys that are going to be looking at him and his new breasts at work today. Before he knew it his hands were going downstairs and jerking his slightly smaller penis, this time though instead of letting all that cum go down the drain he came in his own hand and when he finished he put his hand to his mouth and started to drink it like it was water even liking his hand clean before he even realized what he had done. It was then that he noticed his hair was now longer and blonder. After about a total of thirty minutes in the shower he got out and patted himself dry. He went back into the bedroom and put on his new pink thong and squeezed his breasts into his sports bra for work, he then put on the tight black boot-cut jeans with the low waist that were also a part of his uniform. As he bent over to put on his new boots with a two inch heel anyone behind him could see his pink thong. He went back into the bathroom to put on a little makeup and finally saw his face had changed slightly. He smiled as he realized that Danyelle was almost free.

While he was serving the food and drinks at work he started flirting with one of his customers. "So honey what's your name?" asked Dan. "The name's Mike, remember it I'm sure you'll be screaming it later on." the man responded. "Oh is that so? Well maybe if you behave we can work something out." Dan flirted as he walked away to take care of his other customers. As Dan walked away Mike pinched Dan's ass, Dan pretended to like it. About an hour later Nicole came in, and saw Mike still harassing Dan. "So what's with that guy?" she asked. "Oh he's okay. Relax, I've got it under control; besides you gotta admit he's kinda cute." stated Dan. "Yeah, I guess he is, just be careful I've got a bad feeling about him." warned Nicole. "Okay for you I'll be careful, besides it's not like I can do anything with him yet." said Dan as he walked over to Mike. "So sexy when do you get off?" asked Mike. "Well I'm here until we close tonight, but tomorrow I get out of here around five if you want to stop by." said Dan teasingly while giving him a sexy look. "I don't know are you going to make it worth my while." asked Mike. "Well let me give you a small sample of what you'll get if you do show up." Dan led Mike to a dark corner and started kissing him. Nicole just rolled her eyes she'd only been like this for two weeks but she'd seen quite a few guys share her fate, but Dan was developing mentally a lot faster than she'd seen before. Here it is only day two and already he was French kissing a guy. After everyone looked away Dan stuck his feminine hand down Mike pants and started caressing and stroking Mike hard cock, until the point right before he came. "Now if you come back tomorrow, I may just have to see if you're as big as you felt." cooed Dan.

Later on, while Dan and Nicole were finishing up closing, Dan confessed to Nicole. "Oh my God! I still can't believe what I did earlier." Nicole just chuckled and said, "Relax, it's like I told you yesterday. The potion is just starting to take over your mind a little. Even I kissed another man on my second day of changes." Dan worriedly looked at Nicole and said, "Well I bet you didn't play with his cock at the same though." "No, I didn't but sometimes the potion works faster on some people. It all depends on how mentally close you are to being a woman before drinking the potion." said Nicole off the top of her head. "Really? Wow, that would explain why I've been having those thoughts all day. I had no idea how strong willed Danyelle was until just now." said Dan mater of factly. "Listen, why don't we go just back home and have a little bit of fun?" asked Nicole to ease the tension. "Well okay I am feeling kinda horny after today."

When they got home they decided to take a shower together. They threw off their dirty clothes on to the bathroom floor and started kissing. As Dan's tongue fought with Nicole's he ran his small feminine fingers through Nicole's long soft brunette hair. They stepped into the shower and turned on the warm steamy water. Dan grabbed the body wash and lathered Nicole's massive breasts paying strict attention to her erect eraser-like nipples. When he rinsed them off Nicole grabbed the body wash and started to lather up his breasts the same way but then she moved down and started to lather up his small but erect prick and his practically non-existent balls. Dan started moaning and rubbing his own tits rinsing them off getting weak in the knees he tied not to but he just couldn't help himself it was like his body was on autopilot.

Nicole ran out of the shower and grabbed a small paper cup before he could cum. Once he did she put the cup under him and started filling it with his cum until it was about half full. She handed him the cup and almost instinctively he started drinking it like it were a shot of tequila. As the hot salty cum slid down his throat Nicole looked up at him and smiled, he licked his lips. "I see you're starting to enjoy that, aren't you?" asked Nicole. "Surprisingly I am. It's really not all that bad. In fact I think I know what I'm going to do with Mike tomorrow night if he shows up." replied Dan. "Well let's worry about him tomorrow. Right now I'm still here and I'm still horny." They turned off the shower dried up and went right back at each other. Nicole wrapped her legs around Dan. As his still erect cock slid into her pussy he walked to the bed and set her down he got on top her and started grinding away as their tits started rubbing against each other causing both Nicole and Dan to moan almost in unison, until after about fifteen minutes Dan exploded into Nicole. Dan, knowing that Nicole was unsatisfied, pulled his now limp cock out of her and started licking her pussy lapping up the combination of her juices and his own cum. He started licking her clitoris until she came licking up her juices even more. When he was done they just laid there talking about different guys and how cute they were until they dozed off in each other's arms.

To be concluded in Part 4

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